North Building

North entrance
Delta and High School North (HSN)

653 Westerly Parkway · State College, PA16801


Size: 145,266 sqft on 42 acres
Functions: Delta program, Athletics, and Natatorium
Year Built: Original construction completed 1955
Renovation: 2019

North High School was originally built in 1955 and dedicated in 1957. The original portion of the building was centered around the Logan Avenue entrance. This part of the building was two-story and includes classrooms along with the Auditorium, one gymnasium, cafeteria, library and main office area.

In 1965 an addition was constructed for the building, which was a two-story classroom addition that runs parallel to Westerly Parkway.

In 1989 the Natatorium and a new gymnasium were added to the building. An additional classroom wing was constructed in 1999.
In 2019 a major building project was completed on the site.  The majority of the building was razed.  The most notable portion of the building retained was the 1989 Natatorium and Gymnasium addition, which received minor renovations.  A large addition was constructed to house the Delta Program, which prior to the project was located at the Fairmount Avenue building.
The building is a LEED Gold certified school.