Ferguson Township Elementary School

Ferguson Township Elementary
Ferguson Township Elementary School (FT)

215 W. Pine Grove Road, P.O.Box 237 · Pine Grove Mills, PA 16868


Size: 64,500 sqft on 9.2 acres
Enrollment: K-5, 371
Year Built: 1931
Renovations: 1965, 2011 renovations and additions 

Ferguson Township Elementary School was originally built in 1931. The original portion of the building was a single story wood frame structure and included seven classrooms along with the All Purpose Room and the office area. In 1965, a two-story addition, which included nine classrooms and the Library, was added to the rear of the building and a modular computer lab was added in 2003. When the 1965 addition was built, some of the mechanical equipment was replaced, but much of the original 1931 building was left intact and not renovated. A large addition and renovation of the original building was accomplished in 2011. This project renovated the 1931 portion of the building but razed most of the 1965 addition. The entire building is now about 64,500 sqft and houses grades K-5.  The building in LEED Silver certified.
Learn more about the renovation and addition project and see photos of the construction.
Photo tour of the Ferguson Township Elementary Building BEFORE the renovation/addition:
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