Dec. 17, 2007

State College Area School District
Office of Physical Plant
Ed Poprik, Director

To: Board of School Directors

From: Ed Poprik

RE: Memorial Field Project - Update

Date: December 17, 2007

On October 8, 2007 the Board of School Directors received a report regarding options for replacement of the West (visitors) bleachers at Memorial Field. The immediate need to plan for a project has been necessitated by the deterioration of a retaining wall along Fraser Street. The memo distributed at that meeting, as well as memos from Board meetings on 8/13/07 and 12/4/06, have been attached for reference.

At the October 8 meeting the Board authorized administration to seek approval from the State College Borough for a reduction of the Fraser Street cart-way. The intent of this action would be to facilitate a complete bleacher replacement project during the summer of 2008. However, during the proceedings of that meeting, it was also verbally reported that the Physical Plant department was investigating any and all potential repairs that might temporarily defer a complete bleacher replacement. The goal of these repairs would be to allow some additional time for long-term planning. An overall plan is needed for this facility, as the age and condition continue to create the need for a holistic renovation or some other course of action.

Work and study by the Physical Plant department, subsequent to that meeting, has yielded enough hope to cause a delay in seeking Borough approval for a street reduction, pending review by structural engineers and other design professionals.

Based on the appointment of Hoffman Architecture as the architect for routine projects, a meeting was held late in the week of December 3, to review upcoming projects. During this meeting, repair options for the retaining wall were preliminarily discussed. The district is anticipating initial feedback on this issue prior to the December 10 Board meeting, with more detailed plans being developed during the early part of the 2008 calendar year.

Based on positive movement towards a repair option, funding that had been previously earmarked for Memorial Field in the 2008-09 year of the Physical Plant Capital Five-Year Capital Budget has been deferred. It is anticipated that monies left from the summer 2007 East bleacher repair will be sufficient to fund a temporary repair on the West bleachers. If for some reason repairs are not feasible, estimates and funding for a replacement project will be reviewed at a future meeting.

Even under the best circumstances, it is important to note that these plans are temporary in nature. Significant renovations are needed at Memorial Field if it is expected to continue to serve the District in its current capacity.