Minutes Aug 12, 2014

Radio Park Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2014


Attendees:  Sherry Lonsdale, Mary Robert, Erin Tomich, Rachael Pelham, Jane Adams, Lethia Cullum, Runlian Fu, Vicky Zhang, Lisa Kinsey, Kelly Walker, Kobi Enciu, Julie Yoder, Lana Walker, Kyung Hee Lee, Jong Kyu Park, Tina Konrath, Jen Roan, Yanna Nachtigall, Madhavi Kari, Zach Wynkoop


Call to Order:   7:00 PM


First order of Business: Vote in new Secretary

Jen Roan makes a motion to vote in Madhavi Kari as the new PTO secretary; Kelly Walker seconds the motion.

Madhavi Kari is voted in new Secretary.


School Supplies

All school supplies were distributed to the teachers;  spent about $5000

Bought supplies for about 411 students – came to just under $12/student

If parents, teachers and kids like this, it may require additional fundraising to continue this service


New Student Orientation (8/13/2014)

Joy said there were 30 families who RSVP

Julie Yoder ordered the pizzas

Mr. Wynkoop updated PTO on the New Student Orientation Agenda

10am – 12pm in the All Purpose Room

Mr. Wynkoop to showcase highlights of the school, take questions

Students and parents are divided, students divided by grade level and teachers will take them to classrooms. Students will be assessed on ability and social levels. No formal assessment

PTO representative to give building tour to parents


Ice Cream Social for Kindergarten Families (8/18/2014)

Dawn Keller managing event

Seven families have RSVP

Kindergarten teachers may not be in attendance - staff picnic occurring the same night.  Zack may stop by.


1st Day Tagging

K, 1st , 2nd graders get different colored tags to make sure kids get back on the right bus after school

PTO was asked if they want to continue the program, and majority said Yes.

There was a concern that sometimes the office bus list does not always match the student’s bus number so the tagging is helpful.

Currently looking for a chairperson to lead Tagging initiative – Jen Roan will send out an email requesting volunteers.


1st Day Packets

The youngest student of every family gets a packet which includes

-Party Line form

-Volunteer form

-PR for the PTO amongst other things

Timeline of Events

8/26 School Starts

9/2014 – Back to School Nights

10/16, 10/17 -Parent Teacher Conferences, No school for students, Book Fair

2/25 – SLAM Fair

5/28 – Friendship Night



Mr. Wynkoop’s goal is to increase communication effectiveness between school and parents

Create a google site

Madhavi to work with Mr. Wynkook in revitalizing the Facebook and twitter sites and other Social Media


Other Events

Jen Roan will talk about the following activities at Back to School Night to solicit volunteers

Roller Skating Event

Movie Night

Bingo Night

Friendship Night


Box Tops Initiative

Sherry Lonsdale led the initiative last year. Sherry is willing to lead it again.

Yanna Nachtigall volunteered to help this year.

Jen Roan asked for suggestions for fun incentives to collect box tops for students



Kelly Walker will continue to manage the Newsletter and is hoping to get the 1st newsletter out before the first day of school.


Fundraising – PTO likes to fundraise early and spend late

Rummage Sale – Chair: Kelly Walker (September)

Book Fair – Chair: Kim Patti (October)

Calendar Raffle  - Chair: Lana Walker (November)

                Looking for business owners to help with some prizes

                Lisa Kinsey – knows of a carpet cleaning business that may be able to donate

Family Night Out - Chair:


Social activities

Book Exchange

Jen to create a list of Social Activities on Google docs and ask people to sign up

Budget : Balance of 14,817.85 as of now, but will go down to $12K after other expenses are taken.

2014 - 2015 expenses

author/illustrator visit


music transportation


PLC field trip


MLC field trip


ULC field trip


community building


mini grants


5th grade party




book club

$900 requested

Kissing Hand books







Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM