Minutes Nov 11, 2014

Radio Park PTO Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2014


Attendance: Madhavi Kari, Jen Roan, Tiffany Brushwood, Kristin Miller, Sarah Mothersbaugh, Lana Walker, Erin Tomich, Julie Yoder, Heather Lukac


Meeting Called to Order: 7:00PM


* 7:00 - 7:10 - General Update

Roller Skating night had a great turnout!

Kerry Royer helped and agreed to do it next year

Book Fair - big success

didn't give teachers the money, feedback?

teachers did not receive the wish list 

Need to check on if teachers received their books

Mini grant applications in, and teachers are very appreciative

Raffle going well, number of hits on the website tripled! :)

Possibly plan a family night in the next two weeks:

Possibly Hoss's - Lana Walker

Looking for someone to chair the SLAM fair - daylong committment

Would even consider a group of people to run it together?

* 7:10 - 7:15 - Budget Survey Results

Would give more towards mini-grants versus teacher appreciation

no significance difference between grades

If you feel uncomfortable taking school supplies (feel like you do not need them, then please write the PTO a donation)


Party Line - instead of printouts, perhaps create a PDF and send it to email addresses, save money!

Fundraising should benefit all students 

For special interest events - perhaps ask parents in the particular class/grade to donate


* 7:15 - 7:45 - Budget

Have been more consistent with donation requests - as a result $300 more as of today compared to all of last year

Items to consider removing:

Teacher Luncheon - perhaps ask parents to donate food items

Friendship Night - instead do a family picnic at a park - parents can bring food

Cut expenses in Community Building / Be more creative 

Cut out meal on New Student Orientation - need to find a chair

Tote bags to give interns (not sure how much that will cost) - Jen has Radio Park coffee mugs to give to all six interns –Want to keep Field Trip and Mini-grants


Jen R. to bring updates about some of the rewards programs (Giant, Target)


Jen motioned to approve the budget, Madhavi seconded the motion

The PTO voted unanimously in favor of  budget.


No December Meeting! Happy Holidays!


Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM