Minutes Feb 10, 2015

PTO members not available - Jen Roan, Madhavi Kari

7:05 Meeting called to order

No budget update - There hasn't been much activity. Did receive donations from over the holidays. Budget update will be available at next PTO meeting.

Family Night Out

Jan 20th - Sweet Frog event. Jen will have flyers to distribute in backpacks, and information is already posted to the PTO website. Principle Wynkoop to send a note to parents/update Facebook page. PTO to give Principle Wynkoop a message to copy and paste.

Feb 5th - Hoss’ fundraising event. More information to come. 

March - Champs. More information to come.

Volunteers needed: 

Movie night - Last year was well-attended. Involves selecting a movie, renting a popcorn machine,  and can be a fundraising event. Chairperson can pick the date. Principle Wynkoop suggested holding the movie night towards the end of the year so as to take advantage of the warmer weather and make it an outside event. This idea was well-received by the meeting's attendees. Could rent an outside projector screen. Nothing budgeted, but worth a discussion.

Bingo night - Chairperson can select date. Principle Wynkoop has a THE perfect announcing voice for the job (hint, hint). Can be a fundraising event. 

SLAM (Science, Literature, Arts, Music) fair - Feb 25th scheduled date. Great event with high participation, but takes many helping hands. Kids love this event and contribute lots of artwork and the performances are well-attended. All day event, from set-up during the morning to manning the booths and tables. PTO will draft volunteer duties to help recruit volunteers; typically, the children bring in art work that is tagged with positive phrases. Classrooms walk through during the day to view the artwork on display and the performances are held in the evening in the multipurpose room. Some volunteers are in the hallway, but depending on available helpers, teachers may take on some of the chaperoning. 

Open forum:

New fundraisers? Any ideas? PTO is trying not to ask parents to buy wrapping paper/cookies/candy. The raffle brought in upwards of $5,000. As an example, the 5th graders brought in upwards of $500 for bake sale items. 

Another request for donations will go out after the SLAM. The message will include what PTO funded, what they weren’t able to fund, and ask for contributions. PTO saw a decline in the Target card rewards program (from $900 to about $200). Giant grocery store card is another source of fundraising - update coming soon.

Old business update - pdf version (digital version, not an online database) of the Party Line directory coming next year. Response from PTO meeting attendees was positive, including comments that it would save printing costs and would be easy to update periodically.

7:25 Meeting adjourned