Minutes January 18th, 2016

January PTO Meeting

PTO Board: President: Jen Roan, Vice-President: Yanna Nachtigall, Treasurer: Tina Konrath, Secretary: Madhavi Kari


Snow Day Bingo

Sale of Snow Day Bingo cards brought in $160.00 dollars.

This month’s prize is passes to the Pegula Ice Arena.


Pride Stride

Pride Stride is scheduled for April 29, 2016 during the school day with a rain date of May 13, 2016. 

We are currently working on soliciting donations.  Looking into the online company Pledge Star, would require a paypal account and are willing to waive the fee to create a micro site.

Recommended that we also compare Fit for Funds and Greater Giving Site.


Spring Rummage Sale

Rummage is scheduled for April 23rd.  All donated goods that are not sold at the rummage sale will be donated. 

The sale will be one day, with collection three days prior and set up the night before.  Volunteers will be needed to set up, during the Rummage Sale and for tear down after. 



SLAM Fair is scheduled for March 16th

Volunteers needed.


Friendship Night

Scheduled for May 20th with a rain date of June 3rd.  Looking for two chairpersons, one to coordinate the movie and the other the potluck. 


Spirit Night

Jen Roan will speak with owner of Sweet Frog to plan a Spirit Night the evening of the SLAM Fair as well as the evening of the upcoming concerts.   It was suggested that we have another Spirit Night through Five Below if possible before Valentine’s Day. 


Bingo Night

A Bingo Night will now be scheduled for the evening of February 26th.  It is suggested that we sell water and include a bake sale.



We received our first $100.00 dollars from Shoparoo, all those who have not yet signed up are encouraged to do so.  


Box Tops

Radio Park received a check for $1395.00 for the Box Tops program.  We will contact local small businesses and ask if they would be willing to give their box tops to Radio Park. 


Shade Tree Class Gift

Trees will be planted in April or May.  Mrs. Grimm’s class collected $150.00 for at least one tree and a plaque to commemorate Mrs. Grimm’s retirement. 


Non Profit Status

Multiple schools have gotten their 501(c)3 and we are currently looking into the process.


Mabel’s Labels

Mabels Labels has changed their fundraising format, from a limited time fundraiser to an ongoing event.  The fundraiser will be updated and will be closed in April so that we may cash out our funds and reopened in May for the next school year.


Spring Spirit Gear

Jen Roan will touch base with Julie Donnell about spring spirit gear


Next Meeting

March meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th at 7 PM.