2011 Douglas P. Sweetland

            Douglas P. Sweetland grew up in State College watching Disney films and classic Saturday morning cartoons, and – for several years – he drew cartoons for The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.

            After graduating from State High in 1992, he attended California Institute of the Arts. After only three semesters at CalArts, he was offered a job working in film animation for Pixar.

            What began as a temporary stint animating on the ground-breaking film Toy Story – the world’s first fully computer-animated film – turned into a full-blown career, as he continued as animator on A Bug's Life and on Toy Story 2.  He later animated on every Pixar feature film up to and including Cars.  He also served as a directing animator on Monsters, Inc.; a supervising animator on Cars; the lead animator on the short film Boundin’; and a story-board artist on The Incredibles.

            Following his Annie Award  nomination for Character Animation on Toy Story 2, he won back-to-back Annie Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Character Animation for both Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo.

            In 2008, he made his directorial debut with Presto, the short film that opened for the Pixar feature, WALL•E.  Presto was nominated for a 2009 Academy Award in the Best Animated Short Film category. It was also included in the 2008 Animation Show of Shows.


            In 2010, Doug left Pixar Animation Studios, his home of 16 years, for the opportunity with Sony Pictures Animation to direct the feature film adaptation of The Familiars, with a scheduled release date of 2012.