2013 Andrew P. Bingaman

            Andrew Paul Bingaman passed away on September 5th, 2006, at age 48, from complications associated with the treatment of lymphoma.

            Andy’s outstanding personality and character were obvious to those who knew him.  From his State High classmates and fellow FBI agents, typical comments upon his death were: “Andy was one of the hardest working, most honest persons I have known.” - “He was dedicated to his family, his friends, and his career.” - “He was truly a great American and person.”

            Even before Andy’s passing, retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent James T. Clemente – as advisor to the TV show, Criminal Minds – named a character after Andy in a 2005 episode as a way of showing his high regard for him.  Clemente later wrote, “Andy fought cancer and terrorism with unbounded bravery.”

            Andy lettered in football and wrestling at State High and wrestling at Penn State before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.  He obtained his CPA certification while working for Ingersoll Rand, and then joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1984.  During his training assignment, he achieved a perfect score of 50 on the FBI's physical fitness test, which placed him in the top 1% in the physical fitness category of all agents in the entire history of the Bureau.

            Initially serving as Special Agent in white-collar crime, fraud, and bank robberies, Andy later helped establish the first-ever FBI Securities Fraud Squad in New York City, before moving upward as Supervisor of the Fraud Against Government Squad.

            Andy’s first overseas duty was as Assistant Legal Attache for the US Embassy in Bucharest, Romania.  Subsequently, he was assigned to investigate and track finances used in support of terrorist bombings against US and UK citizens.  That duty included managing terrorism investigations in both Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

            His final assignments were in Washington DC as Assistant Section Chief of the Counter Terrorism Bureau and Unit Chief of the Terrorism Financing Operations Section.