To Be a Teen

What's it like to wait alone
For someone who will never come
When do the scars fade away
From my mistakes of yesterday
Write your poems on the wall
No one seems to care at all
Tiny tick marks on your wrists
Holding secrets in clenched fists
Is there anything more than sex
Could I still be into my ex
I don't think other kids think this way
Will tomorrow ever be different than today?
All we're ever told is grow up
Looking for a future in the bottom of a cup
Does anyone feel for the kids who smoke weed
Haven't we all had the feeling of need
Can I pierce my nose? God knows
We all feel lonely when it snows 
But really is there hope at all
Does it eventually have to fall
Why are we always misunderstood
How was my day? I guess it was good
I don't suppose we're exactly depressed 
Our age group is just kinda suppressed
No, the goal's not always to be deep
I don't go making promises I can't keep
But then again, I think we all do
I just want life to mean something, don't you?
Look a little deeper, the truth is hidden
New pieces lie in things forbidden 
I don't think anyone knows what's right
It comes down to a question at the end of the night
Did you choose to be with people who made you feel
Like the life you lived was something real
As long as you're happy as you say your goodbyes 
We should all be smiling when we close our eyes