I grew up with emos, casuals, rockers, Christians and hipsters alike who

   I still consider my friends, though diverse

Though when I became bound with their secrets and lives outside their facade

   They all were the same, crippled with stress

Then I became their home for refuge as they battle their everyday lives

Those whose boyfriends left them for a prettier girl

   And I make them promise that they must eat at least one meal a day

Those whose parents divorced and only find tranquility through the TV

   And call me to catch them before they jump off the bridge

Those whose wake up call is morning sickness

   And I shame them for inhaling ash and tar at 15

Those who've always bottled their emotions in fear of what others will think

   And I feebly demand not to use their arms for a cutting board

Those who've been going to church since they were a few years old

   And ask me to blaze up during their house arrest

Those who've had a crush on someone who doesn’t know they exist

   And I hug them and tell them they aren’t a waste of space

Those whose family pressures religion and purge their home of secularity

   And I let them stay at my place, saying it’s fine to be gay

Those whose belief is that a counselor creates complication in their lives

   And talk to me as a savior