What I Believe

Anshu Choudhary


              What I Believe In

                                             Anshu Choudhary

I believe in my parents,

because they are the people who guide and teach me life lessons.  

They are more important than your friends.  Take care of them.

I believe in Indian culture,

because it makes me a part of who I am.  

I believe in my studies and grades,

because they depend on my future.  

I believe in the environment,

because it gives us clean air to breathe in and it makes us healthy.  

Why do we do harmful things to it?

State High, Don’t be a litterbug.  

I believe in true love,

because no one lies or deceives in their relationship.  

Learn from this!

I believe in action,

because we get more work done by acting instead of talking.  

Let’s get our work done, State High.  

I believe in honesty,

because if we tell the truth, then it makes us feel good about ourselves.  

I believe that religion does not make you a bad person,  

unless if anyone asks for unfortunate events to happen to others, then they will not have a decent future.  

I believe in dance,

because it makes my spirit free.  

I believe in being healthy,

because it makes us feel happy and wealthy.  

Lastly, I believe in becoming a good person,

because if people learn from their mistakes, society will benefit.