Board Work Session Agenda/Minutes 10-29-14

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October 29, 2014 Board Work Session with Students
High School South Cafeteria, 9:15 a.m.
650 Westerly Parkway
State College, PA 16801

I. Welcome and Start of Meeting

II. Introduction of Board Members

III. Overview of 30% Report

IV. Breakout Sessions
  • Site Plan
  • Educational Model & Floor Plan
  • LEED/Sustainability
  • Construction Phasing
V. Large Group Comments
VI. Adjournment


October 29, 2014-STATE HIGH PROJECT 30% Review
9:15 a.m. High School South Cafeteria
650 Westerly Parkway
State College, PA 16801
I. Welcome & Start of Meeting
PRESENT: Board Members - Amber Concepcion, Penni Fishbaine, Scott Fozard, David Hutchinson, Jim Leous, Jim Pawelczyk, Laurel Zydney (arrived 9:25 a.m.)
Administration/Faculty Scott DeShong, Michael Hardy, Curtis Johnson, Christina Manning, Robert O’Donnell, Sharon Perry, Greg Somers, Chris Weakland
Design Team Arif Hasanbhai-CRA, Jessie Harder-CRA, Kevin Nestor-Massaro, and Jeff Straub-CRA
Mr. DeShong began the Work Session at 9:19 a.m. He noted that the Purpose of this program is for students to understand what has occurred since the referendum passed, and the Format of Programs then to share feedback with members of the Board, design team, and district administration. This is the students’ opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about the project.
We will start out with a large group, then break out into four different small groups, rotate so that each student has an opportunity to hear the specific information, and then come back together to review, comment and discuss next steps.
II. Introductions of Board Members
Dr. O’Donnell spoke on the plan being a long-term project and sharing the “nuts and bolts” with students and excited to hear what they think. Comments will be prioritized with board members, the design team, and administration team.
Dr. O’Donnell introduced the board members that were present and thanked them for taking the time to attend this session.
III. Overview of 30% Report
Large Group Overview
 Mr. Straub, the lead architect for the project, explained that the 30% submission started after the Referendum, showed the site plan, and reviewed floor plans. A design team will be in the building most of November with staff for input and the next session will be the 60% review in January. At the 60% review, you will better see where everything goes, what things look like more in depth. Mr. Straub introduced Kevin Nester, Massaro Construction Manager, to explain how the building will happen and the construction site.
Mr. Straub explained the 60% demolition on the North site, new athletic field, keeping kitchen area, natatorium and two gymnasiums, and will construct a two-story Delta campus. All other education will be on the South side. He showed how the new construction wraps the building, back part is gymnasium, auditorium, and performing arts, explained they are working with municipalities for approvals, showed main entrance, three stories for a smaller footprint for traveling to classrooms, spoke on Amy Yurko and Brainspaces for the education design, learning communities, and color coding for identifying each, showed cross hallways to cut down walking, large congregation area on two levels, secondary entrance off the back, busses and sports use, and the library being close to cafeteria and classrooms.
Mr. Straub reviewed information for the North side with a similar layout as the South buildingDelta upper level, gymnasium, classroom wing, classrooms on outside with open corridor space, breakout to small groups or utilize entire area with multiple classes, the core will house support spaces and has much flexibility.
Reviewed the exterior look, student parking across the street, building is brick and metal panels, large outdoor commons, courtyard spaces, and the back of the building look has yet to be developed. Mr. Straub spoke on the systemsheating/air conditioning, all lighting replaced with LED lighting, natural daylight classrooms, and green building certification.
Mr. Nester is managing the project and spoke on the 30%, 60%, and 90% schedule, going out to bid next summer, and contractors will be on the site when students return to school in the fall. Mr. Nester explained that pre-construction is working hand in hand and planning for all the bases to be covered. When the construction begins, he would be on site every day getting the building constructed. His main
responsibility is safety, schedule performance, things being installed correctly for the design,
and the quality is there. He reviewed the phasing of the project from June 2015 through August 2018 noting that with each school semester, different parts would be continuing on. He let students know that their input was valuable and they would always be separated from the construction.
IV. Breakout Sessions with Small Group Discussions
 Students went to color-coded session based on the piece of paper handed to them as they entered the work session. Each session was 10-minutes and they rotated through the four topics: 1) Site Plan, 2) Educational Model & Floor Plan, 3) LEED/Sustainability, and 4) Construction Phasing
V. Large Group Comments
After the breakout sessions, students gathered together for final questions and
comments. The following topics were mentioned:
the amount of time between classes. Mr. DeShong noted they would need to look long and hard at this part. This should have been addressed, but it was not discussed.
Security measures
traveling between buildings. There will be many different people coming onto the property for the construction. Each person would have the same clearances that teachers need to have.

Mr. Somers requested two things prior to ending the session: 1) Any feedback for the
best way for students to have conversations needs to be shared with Reilly Ebbs, 2) If comments are regarding the CTC Program, please share with Dr. Perry.
Mr. Somers thanked all the students for attending and reminded them that they will also need to be present for both the 60% and 90% reviews.
VI. End of Session
The Board Work Session with students for the 30% Review of the High School Project
ended at 10:47 a.m.
Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman,
Board Secretary