Board Meeting Agenda/Minutes 12-1-14

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State College Area School District
OUR MISSION: To prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education.
December 1, 2014 - Regular Board Meeting
Immediately following the Reorganization Meeting
131 W. Nittany Avenue
State College, PA 16801



III. PUBLIC COMMENT (Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for
items on this agenda or related to Board business.)

A motion to approve the listing of Routine Approvals as presented:
A. Annual approval of Hoffman Architects for district routine projects. (attachment IV-A)
B. Human Resource Recommendations (attachment IV-B)

No Items

A. District Goal Category: Student Learning
New Course Proposals - High School (attachment VI-A1)
Proposed 2015-2016 School Year Calendar (attachment VI-A2)
B. District Goal Category: Safety
PAYS Youth Survey (attachment VI-B) (PAYS PowerPoint)

A. Board Sub Committee Reports
B. Central Intermediate Unit (CIU) Report
C. PA School Boards Association (PSBA) Report
D. National School Boards Association (NSBA) Report
E. Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) Liaison Report Resolution
F. Legislative Report
G. Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Liaison Reports

December 8, 2014 - Special Meeting (Tentative)
District Goal Category: Facilities/Grounds
High School Project: Updated Parking Plan

December 15, 2014 - Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Financial Reports for October (Routine)
District Bills for November (Routine)
Budget Amendment for 2014-2015 (Routine)
District Goal Category: Student Learning
Strategic Planning Baseline Survey Data and Survey Results
District Goal Category: Facilities/Grounds
High School Project Update
Delta Information
Permission to Bid Panorama Village  - Phase II
School Drive: Transition to Patton Township
District Goal Category: Fiscal Stewardship
Food Service Annual Report
Property Tax Relief Discussion
2015-2016 Budget Planning Discussion
Community Education Annual Review and Financial Results for 2013-2014 and CEEL Proposed Expansion
for 2014-2015

January 12 Regular Meeting

**Action Items
Approve Revised Policy 214 - Faculty Scholars/Graduation
District Goal Category: Facilities/Grounds
Delta Update: Educational Model and Specifications
District Goal Category: Fiscal Stewardship
2015-2016 Budget Planning
High School Project Financing
STS Bi-Annual Update

January 19 Work Session
High School Project 60% Review

January 26 Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Permission to bid Summer 2015 projects and High School asbestos removal

Ms. Concepcion called the regular meeting of the State College Area School District Board of Directors to order at 7:10 p.m. She announced the Board held an executive session on November 24, 2014 on negotiations and personnel. With the agenda before them, she asked board members if there were any changes, there were no changes.
Dr. O’Donnell noted this past Saturday, the State High Football Team competed against Pine Richland in the quarterfinals. He spoke on how proud he was of our students and how they handled themselves in a classy manner. He congratulated the team on their season.
A motion to approve the listing of Routine Approvals as presented:
--Annual approval of Hoffman Architects for district routine projects.
--Human Resource Recommendations (refer to attachment IV-B)
Ms. Fishbaine moved and Dr. Pawelczyk seconded to approve the Routine Approvals as presented. There was no discussion. All board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.
New Course Proposals-High School
Ms. Martin and Dr. Perry were present for the new course proposals. Ms. Martin explained there were four new courses for the upcoming scheduling guide.
The First-Science Strategies for Biology, .5 credit for Keystone Exam remediation. The course is one semester long and will be offered the first semester but will need to see how numbers play out. This course is only remediation for the repeat of content. Keystone Exams can be taken in the winter or the spring.
Social Studies: African American History-The district has this course through Learning Enrichment and there is very high interest. Because of the high interest, would like to offer the course outside of LE for 1 credit for one semester. It would be taking the content and expanding theory understandings and concepts.This will count towards a Social Studies credit.
Board members discussed: 3 credits for Science and 4 credits for Social Studies to graduate, description examples for students, proficiency in an important science area, very glad to see, important semester electives, and a great opportunity for kids.
Career and Technical Center: Advanced Architectural Drafting and Design 4-This course is presently being taught and is in popular demand. It is the fourth level, an advanced level course for landscape architecture, is project based, and students are in the field with an advisor. It is for seniors only and one-year long. The course had been taken away because of an audit process but with the interest of the students, they are working to get it back as an approved program. Board member commented on Mr. Crawford, the instructor, and noted it would be hard to replace him and even finding someone else.
Career and Technical Center: Informational Technology Entrepreneurship-This has to do with Cisco and building a business from the ground up with students learning business management, marketing, lead, and operate a business, and the General Advisory Committee recommended this becoming a course. They are creating a service instead of a product. Mr. Pechtold teaches this by appointment, it is a 1.0 credit class, and for students in grades 9-12.
Ms. Stahl moved this item to action. No one seconded. The new course proposals will be brought back on the December 15 agenda for action.
Proposed 2015-2016 School Year Calendar
Dr. O’Donnell explained that Mr. Hardy chairs the committee but he would try to respond to any questions.
The Resolution requires that the calendar be approved by the end of January. He reflected on the process, the committee must work with state requirements for school days and Act 80 days, and highlighted:
● School begins Tuesday before Labor Day
● There are different timeframes and breaks
● Highlights show marking period endings and record days
● March 23 and 24 are parent
conference days (both days placed in this calendar instead of one)
● April and early May is an assessment period (yellow highlight)
● Last student day is June 10
● Three snow make-up days prior to June 10 (built in calendar) and three days at the end of the year
Board members discussed: the K-5 parent conferences, a miss in following the Resolution with two weeks in March with less than three days, they are two-day weeks, would like to see if there could be an adjustment there, Act 80 day being a snow day, so few days in the calendar for snow make-up, professional development, and further explanation on the conference days. Dr. O’Donnell noted it was a desire to have two days back for parent conferences and was desired by both parents and teachers.
Jeanne Knouse was present to review the PAYS (Pennsylvania Youth Survey) Report for 2013. She noted that as she goes through the report, it is better to have a lower risk factor and a higher protective factor. She reviewed the protective factors and risk factors, the perception of kids thinking their parents do not think it is a big deal, symptoms of depression peek at 10th grade for State College, seeing some success but there is a lot of pressure on kids, students put pressure on themselves and have pressure from parents
and community, showed the suicide risk, the use of certain drugs, alcohol, and marijuana, the current SCASD Programs offered for elementary, middle level, and high school, and the programs and initiatives for 2014-2015 school year.
Board members discussed: Mental health, looking at all sources of pressure, integrated health service, suicide and numbers being alarming, a fake drug being put in the questions to have valid answers, risky behavior of driving drunk vs. driving high, Restorative Practices and the straight Talk Parenting Series, Act 71 and programs in schools, a rigorous program mainly for students, classrooms
doing this all around the district, data showing best practices, no specific thing but have comparative data only, Chris Herren compelling program, parents ask who/what/where but do not ask why, mental health component important, false stimulants to help one feel better about him/herself, the integrated mental health team, SAP, casing program, counseling office always being open, PAYS given to 6, 8, 10, 12 graders, need to proceed with caution with activities toward drug use, comfortable smoking marijuana than cigarettes, keep an eye on smokeless tobacco-e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco, and e-cigarettes and RX Drugs are being marketed to kids.
--Board Sub Committee Reports
● CCL met two hours ago and two items were on the agenda. First item was with Student Government President and discussed Student Government coming to the December 15 meeting for their regular report. January will be the start of the student representative at the table. The other item was possible parameters to change the High school schedule and possible options. There is no determination at this time. This discussion was prompted due to High School plan and transitions with construction.
--Central Intermediate Unit (CIU) Report-Nothing to report
--Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) Liaison Report
Dr. Pawelczyk reported there was a meeting a week ago. Proposal to amend with Parks and Rec the shared parking for Welch Pool. It is a challenging design and does not work well with district. The drop requirement is on the same side of the street, Parks and Rec have heard presentations and have responded with a Resolution. There is a special meeting Thursday, the Resolution raises issues but they need to take a vote, not just consider.
The issue is pedestrian safety with a traffic light outside Welch Pool but this is decided by PennDot not us. The Resolution does not meet our needs. Board members discussed: Frustration due to a timeline, do not need an outside entity to slow us down, we worked with them on their pool renovations, land development starts us down a path, parking needs decided-one side of the street or both sides, traffic light and raised walkway across the street requested are out of our hands, preliminary costs are approximately $600,000. The parking agreement was signed in 2009 in a spirit of cooperation, property is leased to Parks and Rec for $1.00/year, parking needs to benefit all and not just for the pool, the high school is for all people and many might not use Welch Pool, the project has been presented to this group more than anyone, agreement only needs to strike nine words, “and only on the South side of Westerly Parkway,” safety is a top priority for this project, what they are asking for would be our expense, spoke on ADA spaces and being in excess of what is needed, no spaces are being taken away, just need to loosen up the agreement, they give us something with additional conditions, land development plan submission is December 14 and it is vital that this is on time, and we are working two scenarios for land development.
Mr. Poprik added that materials for the Special meeting on Monday will not be ready until late Friday and will need action on Monday to endorse one sight or plan or the other. It could be the 106 spaces on one side of the street or something the Board has not yet seen. Mr. Poprik announced he had been at the Borough public meeting and the text amendment for the height of the project passed unanimously and he is very thankful to the Borough to help move this forward.
--Legislative Report-Mr. Hutchinson noted there would be a meeting in Dubois.
--Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Liaison Reports
●Athletics-Ms. Fishbaine noted that winter sports began last Monday, Ron Pavlechko spoke on the fund started by Daryl Washington honoring himself (Mr. Pavlechko) and Daryl’s mother and would like to increase it. They are looking for committee members for fundraising for “Heart of the Lion Award.”
● Technology-Mr. Leous reported they recognized Jeff Seamans for Technology Teacher of the Year and MNMS Technology Program for Program of the Year. They discussed one-to-one chromebooks, grades 6-12 phased in over the years, and freshmen and sophomores receiving them January 2015. Dell has entered the chromebook market and they feel better sending Dells home than the Samsung, and Ms. Steele would speak to board about phasing. He spoke about the “football” to take on buses for athletic trips so students can get homework done, the district has acquired two of them, and they will have the same security the district has. At some point over the next couple months, the board will need to discuss Data Governance and look at establishing one or two policies. The next Technology meeting is December 17 and a recommendation for a new member for their committee will be under Routine Approvals on the December 15 agenda.
Ms. Concepcion noted the December 8 Special Meeting, and added the Student Government Report to the December 15 meeting. At the January 12 meeting, we should have the student representative at the table. If anyone has any other items, please send to Board Leadership.
Ms. Stahl moved and Mr. Fozard seconded to adjourn the meeting. All board members present voted aye with a voice vote. The motion passed unanimously. Ms. Concepcion adjourned the meeting at 9:01 p.m. to an executive session on personnel, legal, and negotiation matters.
Submitted by,
Mary Jenn Dorman, Board Secretary