In- School Event Coordination Checklist

If you are in charge of an event for the PTO please make sure you go through the following list of procedures and ensure all things are completed that are necessary at least 4-5 weeks prior to the date of the event.
  1. Fill out a building use form and submit it to the Easterly Parkway secretaries.  Indicate as much information on that form as possible including: approximate # of people expected to attend; the # of tables and chairs needed; any sound system requirements (mic, projection, etc); the chairperson's contact information and obviously dates and times.  The more information, the better! 
  2. If a specific layout of tables is necessary, a description should be emailed to the building secretary AND head custodian, or a drawing can be left in the office or placed in the custodian's mailbox. 
  3. Send Mike Maclay an email with a copy of your event flyer for approval before you send it to print.
  4. You can get flyers printed either through the SCASD Printing and Mailing Services Department or the UPS Store in Hamilton Square Plaza using the Easterly Parkway PTO Account.
  5. Copy the office (both secretaries) in on emails regarding events (most people have this year which has helped immensely) because parents will often contact us regarding event times, book fair times, etc.
  6. Leave extra copies of flyers with both Easterly Parkway secretaries so that they can make additional copies if needed.