How to get Funding for your Event

  1. Contact the PTO president and request to be on the agenda at a PTO meeting (usually the first Tuesday of the month) that is at least 2 months prior to your event.
  2. At the PTO Meeting, give a summary of what your plans are for the event and what your budget is in relation to the supplies you have determined you will need along with the total amount you have determined your budget will need to be.
  3. Someone at the meeting will call a motion for the budget to be approved.
    1. It takes 2 people to move to approve your budget, so, it never hurts to bring back- up support to make this call since none of the PTO Board members are allowed to approve these motions.
  4. Once you have receipts for your purchases bring them to the Easterly Parkway mail room and get a PTO reimbursement form from the PTO mailbox (in the far right hand corner of the bank of mail boxes). Leave those receipts and the form in the mailbox for the PTO treasurer.
    1. It also helps to contact the treasurer to let them know your form is waiting for them in you need a speedy reimbursement.
    2. You can also bring the form and receipts to any PTO meeting if you know the treasurer will be present and get reimbursed immediately.