Notes from the May 23 meeting

Posted by EDWARD POPRIK on 5/23/2016

South News:
  1. Forklift slid in the mud against the fencing near Welch. Repair has begun.
  2. MDF room is near completion and we will be moving server racks and equipment into the room this week (outside Pickering Plaza to outside the Auditorium South)
  3. Everything is still on schedule
    1. foundation pouring
    2. retaining wall near existing South auditorium

North News:
  1. Data Center work continues
  2. Restricted access to the rear continues (unchanged)

General News:
  • June 1st- Air Quality tests will be conducted in both the North and South buildings
  • Thursday is the elementary tree planting ceremony at 3:45 on Community Field

Future News Items
  • For your planning, the absolute “No Access to the South Building” date is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th.