Board Work Session/Minutes 6-15-15

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June 15, 2015 - Board Work Session
7:00 p.m. - Meeting Room
Panorama Village Bldg., 420 Villa Crest Dr.
State College, PA 16801


II. COMMUNICATIONS (Press Release Attachment )
90% Design Review Community Forum

District Goal Category: Facilities/Grounds
      High School Project:
         Classroom Utilization (attachment III-Memo) (PowerPoint)
         90% Review continued



June 22, 2015 - Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Annual Appointment of School Solicitor for July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016 (Routine)
State High Project Change Orders
Approve Proposed / Revised Job Descriptions
Contract for services for the structural assessment of Fairmount Avenue and 131 W. Nittany Avenue buildings
Approval of Booksource Primary Vendor Agreement as an online ordering platform for reading materials
District Goal Category: Facilities and Grounds
State High Project: 90% Design Review (continued)
District Goal Category: Fiscal Stewardship
Capital Facility Funding Capacity/Bond Refunding
Proposed Board Staffing Report Template

July 13, 2015 - Regular Meeting
**Action Items
State High Project Change Orders
Approve Policy 249 - Anti-Harassment/Anti-Bullying as required every three years
C-NET Annual Report
District Goal Category: Facilities and Grounds
90% Review of High School Project Cost Estimate

July 20 - Special Meeting
**Action Items
Accept 90% Documents for State High Project
District Goal Category: Facilities and Grounds
State High Project Construction Documents

July 27, 2015 - Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Annual Reappointment for NW
Approve State High Construction Documents
State High Project Change Orders

August 10, 2015 - Regular Meeting
**Action Items
State High Project Change Orders

August 24, 2015 - Regular Meeting
**Action Items
State High Project Change Orders


Ms. Concepcion called the work session of the State College Area School District Board of Directors to order at 7:08 p.m. She welcomed all attending and those viewing from home. She announced the Board held an executive session on June 8, 2015 on negotiations and personnel. With the agenda before them, she asked board members if there were any changes, there were no changes.
A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion and/or action is included with the official minutes, unless otherwise indicated.
Board members present: Amber Concepcion, Penni Fishbaine, Jim Leous, Ann McGlaughlin, Jim Pawelczyk, Dorothea Stahl, Laurel Zydney
Board members absent : Scott Fozard, David Hutchinson
Board Secretary: Mary Jenn Dorman
Superintendent: Robert O’Donnell
District Personnel: Randy Brown, Mike Hardy, Jason Perrin, Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum, Nick Zepp
Guests: Gretchen Brandt, Dan Duffy
There were no communications.
High School Project: Classroom Utilization

Dr. O’Donnell noted board members would review the materials that were at their places. There was a memo from him on four items:
● Current State High Class Size
● Projected Enrollment for State High with a table for Shelby Stewman
● Information from Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates (CRA Experiences Design of Secondary Schools with a Capacity of 85% 90%
● Size Comparison of Existing Facilities to Proposed Facility
There was also an information sheet from CRA that showed a South Building Spaces Analysis with the number of general classrooms, general specialities, and CTC specialities for a total number of 149 teaching spaces. There were flex spaces (Open SGI (Small Group Instruction), Open Classrooms, and Small Group Breakout that were not included in the total teaching spaces.
Mr. Hardy referred to the twelve sheets around the room that were sample simulations for the building capacity. There had been work with Brainspaces, CRA, and the PlanCon process. PDE says we have enough capacity. All programs are different and ours is much richer than others. We designed a facility with a great amount of flexibility. A master schedule is usually built around constraints and the 2015-2016 academic schedule was built with the current North and South buildings in mind. The new building capacity was not considered since we will be using the existing buildings through construction. He explained using three different block periods with high, middle and low occupancy/use of the facility on both A and B days, and showed room use on each of the levels (1-4) with high, middle and low occupancy.
Board members discussed: Did not try to do with 9th grade area, the differences between block 4 of days A and B, students being in music, industrial spaces, etc., needing the data to do correctly, having three 30 minute lunches, end of day students out for jobs, internships and Learning Enrichment, currently not enough spaces for small support, new facility has SGI (Small Group Instruction) spaces, having ten resource learning rooms, the small rooms for two to five students, and were showing the numbers in regular size classrooms but there is more flexibility with these spaces.
Board members walked around and looked at the simulations that were provided. There are many questions but we are not there yet and very interested in how we are going to get students into Learning Communities. After viewing and discussing more, it was noted that the utilization can work and better balance our day.
The block schedule is in place for the 2015-2016 school year. Board members discussed: the CTC Early Childhood Education spaces with bathrooms B024 and B026, could more constraints on capacity offset students getting courses they want, facility constraint but also more flexibility with different size spaces, not all students may get their first choice of time, in three years, schedule could be different, no one should think there is a facility constraint, the new facility is larger than the one we have, this was pulled together without utilizing any smaller spaces, glad we did this and learned a lot, concern about adapting the schedule, how this will support student learning, teacher and office space, each Learning Community will have spaces for teacher to collaborate, and revisited the issues of rooms B024 and B026 which Mr. Hardy will look into. Board members discussed next steps and questions if all students could be in this building at the same time.
Doing a final check to see what each space is used for, faculty space and approximately 189 teachers, not all would have his/her own desk, places for their personal things, will need to check with CRA to see what we have here, and planning a new building and want things to work from day one.
High School Project 90% Review continued June 22 Meeting
Mr. Poprik noted that the Board would continue reviewing 90% documents to be ready to accept documents in July. Board members discussed: all the work that was done for the presentation tonight, thanked those who put this together, evolving things more getting to the Learning Communities concept, taking a big school and making it feel smaller is the key focus, the education model being implemented, the CTC childcare room and cost, this is what we will be living within three years and 35 years from now, ways and how it is different and the same, laying it out really makes you see, some relooking at the way space is designed, planning to use spaces well, and how kids will live there. Mr. Hardy thanked Scott DeShong and Scott Brown for their time working with him to pull all this together and board member thanked them for doing this at such a crucial time of year.
From the audience, Dan Duffy noted “good job” on this presentation.
Ms. Concepcion reviewed the June 22 meeting agenda items, and noted there were three meetings scheduled for July.
Ms. Stahl moved and Ms. Fishbaine seconded to adjourn the work session. All board members present voted aye with a voice vote. (Mr. Fozard and Mr. Hutchinson were absent.) The motion passed unanimously. Ms. Concepcion adjourned the work session at 8:47 p.m. to an executive session.
Submitted by,
Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary