Board Meeting Agenda/Minutes 11-9-2015

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November 9, 2015 Regular Board Meeting
7:00 pm – Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Building
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801


(Press Release Preview)
         Student Government Report (attachment)

III.  PUBLIC COMMENT (Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.)


A. October 26, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes (attachment IV-A)
B. District Bills for October 2015 (attachment IV-B)
C. Human Resources Recommendations (attachment IV-C)

A. A motion to approve the renewal of the Voice and Data Network Support contract for 2015-2016 to Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. as presented. (attachment V-A)
B. A motion to approve the Resolution on Disposition of 131 W. Nittany Avenue as presented on October 26, 2015. (attachment V-B)

A. District Goal Category: Student Learning
         Academic Performance Update - Part 2 of 2 (attachment VI-A1)
         Strategic Plan Update - Part 2 of 2 (attachment VI-A2)
B. District Goals 2015-2016 (postponed from October 26, 2015)
         Reflecting on SCASD Progress (attachment VI-B1)
         District Priorities for 2015-2016 (attachment VI-B2)
C. District Goal Category: Facilities and Grounds
         High School Project Calendar Update (attachment VI-C)
D. District Goal Category: Fiscal Stewardship
         Development Update (attachment VI-D1)
         2016-17 Budget Development Timeline (attachment VI-D2) (PowerPoint)

November 23, 2015 - Regular Meeting
Panorama Village Building, Meeting Room A
**Action Items
Student Activities Advisors and Student Treasurers for 2015-2016 (Routine Approval)
Research Proposal
District Goal Category: Facilities & Grounds
         Present State High Project Bid Results
         Financial Capacity Discussion considering State High project bids

November 30, 2015 - Special Meeting
Panorama Village Building, Meeting Room A
**Action Items
Award State High Construction Project Bids
Approve PlanCon G for High School Project

December 7, 2015 - Reorganization Meeting
Panorama Village Building, Meeting Room A
**Action Items
Elect Temporary President
Elect Board President
Elect Board Vice-President
Board Member Annual Appointments
2016 Board Meeting Dates

December 7, 2015 - Regular Meeting Immediately Following the Reorganization Meeting
**Action Items
Approve Policy 806 - Child Abuse
District Goal Category: Fiscal Stewardship
         Presentation of Proposed Preliminary Budget for Fiscal 2016-17
District Goal Category: Student Learning
         New Course Proposals
Policy Update:
         Policy 819 - Suicide Prevention
         Policy 702 - Memorials
         Policy 138 - English as a Second Language

December 21, 2015 Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Approval of New Course Proposals
Approve Proposed Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17
Approve Request for Proposal for Memorial Field Project
Food Service Annual Report

Ms. Concepcion called the Regular Board Meeting of the State College Area School District Board of Directors to order at 7:00 p.m. She welcomed all those attending and those viewing from home. She announced this was the first meeting at the new location, Panorama Village building. With the agenda before them, she asked board members if there were any changes; there were no changes.
A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion and/or action is included with the official minutes, unless otherwise indicated.

Board members present: Amber Concepcion, Penni Fishbaine, Scott Fozard, David Hutchinson, Jim Leous,
Ann McGlaughlin, Jim Pawelczyk, Dorothea Stahl, Laurel Zydney
Board members absent :
Board Secretary: Mary Jenn Dorman
Student Representative: Erik Isola
Solicitor: Scott Etter
Superintendent: Robert O’Donnell
District Personnel: Deirdre Bauer, Randy Brown, Lori Duffy, Amy Lawrence, Ryan McKeown, Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum, Nicole Steele, Donna Watson, Nick Zepp
Guests: Amy Bader, Gretchen Brandt, Dan Duffy, Ed Fuller, Frank Ready
Ms. Concepcion announced there was a Board election and she offered congratulations to Amy Bader, Gretchen Brandt and Dan Duffy. She noted that next would be an update form Student Government.
Student Government Report
Eric Isola, Student Government Representative on the Board reported they conducted a general assembly. Student feedback was largely positive for block scheduling and also felt teachers were adapting also. They are liking the study halls for extra time to do homework, feel it is a more manageable day, less books, can have deeper discussions, and teachers incorporating new learning styles. A few negatives noted: students see teachers less, missing class is harder like two days vs. one day, hard to find teachers, some feel it has not helped with the load, and some teachers teach without a break. As far as the construction issue, there is none at this
point. He noted if they go into this with a positive attitude, then it will be a positive experience. Dr. O’Donnell spoke on having student representation here with the Board and the opportunity of having the student voice and examples. He noted that Mr. Johnson is also working with the student leadership.
Dr. O’Donnell noted that many of the fall athletic teams have had a special season and offered congratulations to boys and girls soccer, girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country, and boys and girls golf teams that were District 6 champions. The girls volleyball and boys soccer teams are now in the first round of state playoffs.
Good luck to them and the football team that will play DuBois for the District 6/9 title on Friday. Dr. O’Donnell noted that the District nominated the Community Education Extended Learning (CEEL) Program for a National School Board Association Magna Award and provided an explanation of the award.
There was no public comment.
District Bills for October 2015             2015-16 Total
General Fund $5,515,109.87                   $5,515,109.87
(checks 1019661 to 1020125, V103225 to V103254)
Food Service Fund 189,788.77                  189,788.77
(checks 62137 to 62208)
Athletics Fund 98,314.21                            98,314.21
(checks 49158 to 49363)
Activities Fund 22,804.85                           22,804.85
(checks 91132 to 91154)
Purchasing Cards 79,888.66                      79,888.66
(month of October 2015 Checks203, 437, 7308, 826)
Total All Funds $5,905,906.36                   $5,905,0906.36
Human Resources Recommendations (refer to attachment IV-C)
Ms. Stahl moved and Dr. Pawelczyk seconded to approve the Routine Approvals Listing. There was no discussion. All board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.
A motion to approve the renewal of the Voice and Data Network Support contract for 2015-2016 to Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. as presented. Mr. Fozard moved and Ms. Stahl seconded to approve the motion. Ms. Stahl noted this was a renewal and questioned how long this has been in place. Mr. Zepp noted we have had contracted services for ten years. The motion was amended to: A motion to approve the renewal of the Voice and Data Network Support contract beginning 2015-2016, for five years, to Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. as presented. Mr. Fozard and Ms. Stahl moved and seconded the amended motion. All board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.
A motion to approve the Resolution on Disposition of 131 W. Nittany Avenue as presented on October 26, 2015. Ms. Stahl moved and Dr. Pawelczyk seconded to approve the motion. Board members discussed: The language of “... no later than 12 months” needs clarified, the time of removal of the building is at the District’s convenience, they have 12 months to communicate their intent, 12 months to move it is not necessarily so, we want them to remove the building, a 12-month window to decide and communicate to us, the clause doesn't really say what we want it to say, it gives us protection on the long side, and some board members thought it was clear. Mr. Poprik added that based on the action taken at the last meeting, Panorama Village renovation is about 12 months and that is when we would be leaving this building. We will not be out much sooner than 12 months. We are asking for a decision in 12 months and then something would happen to the building. It was decided the intent is clear.
With the motion above moved and seconded to approve the Resolution on Disposition of 131 W. Nittany Avenue as presented on October 26, 2015, all board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.
Academic Performance Update Part 2 of 2
Dr. O’Donnell noted that the academic performance piece is part of student learning and the strategic plan. The process that was engaged in was all about getting better. We established a roadmap, and using benchmarks for looking at doing things better for kids and have asked questions to get honest feedback. Academic, Social and Emotional are all part of it and we want to utilize information to help our students get better. He spoke on the CDT article that criticized the District being focused to testing and that is not so. He introduced Ms. Bauer to report on the academic side, the growth piece and where we are under performing. Dr. Fuller was also present and would be following up in Part 2 of the Strategic Plan update.
Ms. Bauer started with an agenda to explain she would be discussing background information on PA Academic Standards, the new PSSA test scores with achievement and growth, and MAP Assessment Data. She reviewed the impact and PA New Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, the 2015 PSSA percent proficient and advanced in Math, PVAAS for Math (Growth measurement), PVAAS for Math comparisons for grades 4, 5, and 6 for 2015 and previous years, the 2014-15 MAP percent meeting or exceeding the National Normed Mean Score in Math, the achievement percentile and growth targets. She then reviewed the same information for ELA. For 2015, the PSSA percent proficient and advance was also shown for grades 4 and 8.
Board members discussed: PSSA Standards changing, MAP being a quick shot and responsive test, it is responsive to where student is, and MAP test is for growth while PSSA is not. One out of five kids not meeting the national average, looking at the data and knowing they have learned the objectives for the year, the achievement and growth target, and MAP not assessing writing. This tells a pretty consistent story, PSSA is given but serves no purpose in the classroom, a test dictated by the state, need to focus on our children growing in our district, actually shows we are not serving students the way we should, more specificity with MAP might help those students, how the average is arrived, students that are very high performing and are we meeting their needs as well, and this being distributed state and nationwide but not a normal focus for us. It is based on where the mean is. We offer a wealth of opportunities in this district. Dr. O’Donnell added that we want to learn from this, figure out how to help kids balance all, will take a look at cohorts, and also look at Benchmarks overtime. Dr. O’Donnell thanked Ms. Bauer for all her work on this and her committee members.
Strategic Plan Update Part 2 of 2
Dr. Fuller noted that the Benchmarks came out of the community meetings and showed the eight Benchmarks. Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 will be discussed and, 5 and 6 will be addressed later. The questions relate to the four Pillars and not all are written in the same manner. He reviewed both elementary and secondary questions and responses. We need to get more parents to answer. Overall, the available evidence suggests that most of the Benchmarks are being partially met and met to a greater degree at elementary school level than at the secondary level. The Benchmark with the strongest evidence of being met is the teaching of 21st Century Skills by many, but not all students and teachers. There is also evidence that suggests educators are addressing the areas of the Benchmarks. Dr. Fuller offered recommendations to stay the course of the Strategic Plan, improve data collection and align measures of progress, and focus on high expectations and reviewed bulleted items under each. He complimented the District for engaging in a true Strategic Plan effort, very few districts do this, and even fewer make the result public. He noted the strength of the leadership to publicly discuss the outcome of the analysis, whether strengths, weaknesses, or areas of challenges for the District.
(postponed from October 26, 2015)
Reflecting on SCASD Progress
Dr. O’Donnell briefly reflected on the past three years and what was accomplished. Three board members are retiring from the Board and he reviewed what he had bulleted. When you think back on the past three years, there were ups and downs but they stayed the course.

District Priorities for 2015-2016
Dr. O’Donnell noted that the priorities for 2016-2017 are the same seven priorities he reflected on for the past three years and highlighted each of the seven areas:
Goal 1) Safety Improve Safety of Students and Staff
Goal 2) Student Learning Improve Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement
Goal 3) Fiscal Stewardship Maximize Resources to Support Student Learning
Goal 4) Communication Improve Community Member Understanding
Goal 5) Facilities Make Progress to Improve District Facilities
Goal 6) School of Choice Increase Percentage of Our Families Who Choose SCASD
Goal 7) Strategic Planning Implement Year Two of District’s Three-Year Strategic Plan
Under each goal, there were numbered points that he reviewed showing forward progress planned with time parameters for respective actions for the 2016-2017 year. Board members discussed: This being a thorough report and a comprehensive list, the four parts to the Learning Enrichment (LE) process, LE parents being put into parent groups for part of the process, how to address the needs of all students and then have operations that focus for that, some community members very focused/engaged on the LE piece, not being good for addressing kids almost at the tails, the core curriculum, field trips for all kids to have enriched experiences, and working with Board leadership for specific updates on these items, and could look to committees to monitor.
High School Project Calendar Update
Mr. Poprik reported that the time for opening bids is winding down and this is the final extension. The bid opening date of November 12 has been delayed to November 18 and the time of opening was extended to 3:30 p.m. He reviewed the updated calendar with a Special meeting added November 30, 2015 to approve bids, alternates, and PlanCon G. Board members discussed: Making sure board members get as much information as possible about alternates, a briefing packet for each alternate to see what the bid is a summary and impact if done/not done. It would be nice to have this by this Friday, have a color in the applicable area of the building, and defined maintenance holding cost carrying cost and cost of the alternate for doing/not doing is also an important factor in this.
Development Update
Mr. Brown and Mr. Olivett were present to provide an update on the Foundation. Mr. Olivett noted that surveys to various stakeholders have gone out and responses are coming in. He talked about more publicity, communications going out to staff, and a press release that is all leading up to the first appeal mailing the week of December 7, 2015 to explain the Foundation and requesting money. They will establish goals and finalize planning for 2016, along with work on building the Foundation Board. We want folks who are committed to the district and raising money. The name of the Fund will be Student Opportunities Fund and will be all student-centered.
The Fund is under the Foundation and the Foundation markets to the community. All will be based on what the Superintendent, Business Administrator and Board want to do. Mr. Brown added that any Foundation Board Member needs to understand the money is being raised for purposes of the District.
Board members discussed: Bylaws and Constitution of the Foundation, protection in some way that funds go back to the District, EITC certification in 2016, the fliers and what is on them, surprised things have gone out and board members have not seen, Board told administration what we were looking for, would like to see the website before it goes out, would like to be more aware, Board should be a step ahead of when public receives, when does review become approve, we are having an update now, and will have them when needed. Foundations usually developed with direct Board impact and this is not developed this way. We will still have the scholarship funds with Centre County Foundation, and Mr. Olivett does have regular discussions with Dr. O’Donnell and Mr. Brown. The letter for the first week in December being examples of categories, not specific items at this time, board members being very pleased we are where we are, this direction is where we have been wanting to go, the first appeal is more of an introduction and communication thing, this is a marathon and not a sprint, and need to get first steps done. We have been talking about this and aligned in a certain way, communication between Foundation and Board needs to happen, more in a time-sensitive manner, we are on track and need to keep moving, and the development and how it works with tax dollars. Mr. Brown noted the update is very clear that items are not in the budget already, money could also come from outside the community, and Mr. Olivett is asking questions of us with his experience and wisdom in this area.
2016-17 Budget Development Timeline
Mr. Brown provided materials to discuss the timeline and process with dates for future Board discussion. He noted that we would be talking about next year’s budget and the state still does not have this year’s budget finalized. For 2016-2017, the Act 1(Base) Index would be 2.4%, which is a half percent higher than this year, 1.9%. Mr. Brown then reviewed the key dates in the budget process based on Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) published filing requirements with June 13, 2016 being the meeting for action required to adopt the Final Budget, Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Resolution, Annual Tax Levy Resolution, and the Installment Payment Plan Resolution.
He spoke on the application for Referendum Exceptions and 2016-17 being the second and final year of implementation of referendum debt for the State High Project and having level debt through 23 years. He also reviewed the impact of not utilizing available exceptions in 2016-17 school year. Board members discussed: The 2% tax increase for that exception and the available exception that would not be utilized would be the Referendum exception.
Board member provided a copy of Policy 006 that had a minor revision on Page 2. The change was implemented for consideration following the Board’s thinking on transparency. A request was made for board members to look over and provide feedback to Board leadership.
Ms. Concepcion reviewed items on the future meeting agendas listed and noted if anyone has any questions, comments, or additions, to please contact Board leadership.
Ms. Stahl moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting. All board members present voted aye with a voice vote. The motion passed unanimously. Ms. Concepcion adjourned the meeting to an executive session at 10:37 p.m.
Submitted by,
Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary