Board Meeting Agenda/Minutes 11-23-15

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November 23, 2015 Regular Board Meeting
7:00 pm – Meeting Room A - Panorama Village Building
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801


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A. Out-of-State / Overnight Student Travel (attachment IV-A)
B. November 9, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes (attachment IV-B)
C. Student Activities Advisors and Student Treasurers for 2015-2016 (attachment IV-C)
D. Annual Appointment of Hoffman Architects as the District Architect for Routine Projects. (attachment IV-D)
E. Treasurer’s Financial Report September 2015 (attachment IV-E)
F. Budget Transfers for October 2015 (attachment IV-F)
G. Human Resources Recommendations (attachment IV-G)

A. A motion to approve the student request to attend CPI for continuation of the cosmetology program she began prior to moving to our district.  Our CTC Program does not offer cosmetology. (attachment V-A)
A. District Goal Category: Facilities & Grounds
         Financial Capacity Discussion considering State High project bids (attachment VI-A1)
         Present State High Project Bid Results (attachment VI-A2)
         Plancon Part F attachment C (attachment VI-A3)
         Plancon Part G (attachment VI-A4)        
B. District Goal Category: Student Learning
         Proposed 2016-2017 School Year Calendar (attachment VI-B) (Presentation and Discussion to be held on December 7, 2015 meeting)

A. Superintendent’s Report
B. Board Sub Committee Reports
C. Central Intermediate Unit (CIU) Report
D. National School Boards Association (NSBA) Report
E. PA School Boards Association (PSBA) Report
F. Legislative Report
G. Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) Liaison Report
H. Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Liaison Reports

November 30, 2015 - Special Meeting
**Action Items
Award State High Construction Project Bids
Approve PlanCon G for High School Project
Per Policy 622 Review Annual Management Discussion and Analysis

December 7, 2015 - Reorganization Meeting
**Action Items
Elect Temporary President
Elect Board President
Elect Board Vice-President
Board Member Annual Appointments
2016 Board Meeting Dates

December 7, 2015 - Regular Meeting Immediately Following the Reorganization Meeting
**Action Items
Approve Policy 806 - Child Abuse
Per Policy 622 Approve Annual Management Discussion and Analysis Prior to Audit
Permission to bid 2016 capital projects
Research Proposal
District Goal Category: Fiscal Stewardship
         Presentation of Proposed Preliminary Budget for Fiscal 2016-17
District Goal Category: Student Learning
         New Course Proposals
Proposed 2016-2017 School Year Calendar
Policy Update:
         Policy 819 - Suicide Prevention
         Policy 702 - Memorials
         Policy 138 - English as a Second Language

December 21, 2015 Regular Meeting
High School My Mental Health Matters Club Update
**Action Items
Approve Permission to bid 2016 projects
Approval of New Course Proposals
Approve Proposed Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17
Approve Request for Proposal (RFP) for Memorial Field Project
Approve 2014-2015 Annual Audit
Food Service Annual Report

January 11, 2016 Regular Meeting (tentative)

**Action Items
Approve 2016-2017 School Year Calendar


Ms. Concepcion called the Regular Board Meeting of the State College Area School District Board of Directors to order at 7:01 p.m. She welcomed all those attending and those viewing from home. She announced the Board had an executive session November 9, 2015 on personnel and a legal matter. With the agenda before them, she asked board members if there were any changes; there were no changes.
A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion and/or action is included with the official minutes, unless otherwise indicated.
Board members present: Amber Concepcion, Penni Fishbaine, Scott Fozard, David Hutchinson, Jim Leous, Ann McGlaughlin, Jim Pawelczyk, Dorothea Stahl, Laurel Zydney
Board members absent :
Board Secretary: Mary Jenn Dorman
Student Representative: James Graef
Solicitor: Scott Etter
Superintendent: Robert O’Donnell
District Personnel: Jeremy Beers, Sara Brennen, Randy Brown, Chip Crawford, Danielle Fullmer, Gary Godine, Paula Homa, Shelly Ishler, Megan Kelly, Amy Lawrence, Jack Lyke, Tod McPherson, Peter Moyer, Sharon Perry, Ed Poprik, Donna Reinhardt, Chris Rosenblum, Eugene Ruocchio, Eric Smith, Chris Warren, Donna Watson
Guests: Ethan Arnett, Amy Bader, John Beddia, Mark Blonski, Gretchen Brandt, Jean Brownstead, John Brownstead, Matt Brownstead, Dee Corbett, Greg Corbett, Dan Duffy, Matt Harlow, Troy Heatwole, Mark Henry, Tim Jones, Dan Keifer, Brandon Locke, Deanna Locke, Ethan Locke, Kevin McCarthy, Isaac Messner, Jacob Messner, Joe Messner, Kevin Nester, Oliver Paulson, Frank Ready, T. Reddington, Jeff Straub, Pat Vernon

Ms. Concepcion welcomed James Graef at the table as the Student Representative this evening replacing Erik Isola. James will be the representative during the fourth marking period. Dr. O’Donnell welcomed the Boy Scouts that were present at the meeting in the back of the room. Dr. O’Donnell offered congratulations to State High for being selected as a Grammy Signature Schools program semifinalist. We are one of 119 national semifinalists for the recognition of commitment to excellent music education programs. Finalists will be announced in March and receive grants ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 for their programs.

Ms. Concepcion noted that each individual would be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business. She asked for a show of hands of audience members that would like to address the Board. The following people addressed the Board: Chris Warren spoke on the Innovation Center. He provided an enlarged photo for board members to view of York County School District and noted the design for SCASD is very much the same. As a teacher, he spoke on how proud he was of our District, the efforts of the Board, the Innovation Center providing more opportunities for collaboration, and what education would look like 10-20 years from now. He referenced John Dewey's Modern Educational Theory from 1930, a curriculum for moving in and out of space, the big space being a builder and developer flexible space, and doing reality must be experienced. Mr. Warren also shared comments in favor of the Innovation Center as a taxpayer in the community and as a parent.
Pat Vernon began with thanking those serving on the Board and getting this excellent High School building. He addressed standardized testing using up too much educational time, offered congratulations on the repurposing of the Panorama Village building, and noted he was in support of the Innovation Center. This would be a great space for CTC and Tech. Ed. students, but really useful for all students and suggested building at least the skeleton. He also suggested the board actively pursue all the municipalities to come together as one instead of six offering it could be less expensive and more efficient.
Ethan Arnett is a State High student and supports the Innovation Center. He reviewed how this space would provide true innovation with various department uses and the opportunity for visual perception and spontaneous collaboration.
Mark Henry is now at PSU and graduated from State High. He spoke on many students being a part of sports, he played, but also went in the CTC Program classes. He spoke on space being essential, and how his State High experience prepared him well for Penn State.
Chip Crawford is an architecture/drafting instructor at State High and spoke as a teacher and parent on how we owe this experience to our children. He noted that if it does come down to cost, then at least plan the space that it could be done at a future date. He requested that it be kept on drawings and if possible to do now cost wise, then do so.

Out-of-State / Overnight Student Travel
Student Activities Advisors and Student Treasurers for 2015-2016
Annual Appointment of Hoffman Architects as the District Architect for Routine Projects
Treasurer’s Financial Report September 2015
Budget Transfers for October 2015
Human Resources Recommendations (refer to attachment IV-G) Ms. Stahl moved and Ms. Fishbaine seconded to approve the listing of Routine Approvals as presented. There was no discussion. With the motion moved and seconded, all board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion to approve the student request to attend CPI for continuation of the cosmetology program she began prior to moving to our district. Our CTC Program does not offer cosmetology. Ms. Stahl moved and Mr. Fozard seconded to approve the motion. There was no discussion. With the motion moved and seconded, all board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.
Financial Capacity Discussion considering State High project bids
Mr. Brown noted board members received a memo in their packet with attached information discussed at an October meeting. He reviewed the following information with a PowerPoint presentation:
● The purpose for the Financial Capacity Analysis
● The low base bids and total cost of $138,727,782 with Grants and Alternates
● Estimate for the Capital Reserve Fund October 2015 vs. November 2015
● State High Financing Proposal $85 million, Referendum / $10 million, Capital Reserve / $45 million additional borrowing, an increase from October and we have the capacity to do the project.
● The Facilities Plan Assumptions with $100 million estimated project costs in addition to High School
He noted that this is a very progressive and aggressive timeline. The borrowings are attainable and he will continue to work to align continued borrowing. We are fine to do the high school project and with the information given, there is no borrowing for the Memorial Field costs.

Board members discussed: Having the capacity to do this project work with bid alternates, the right number for transferred money, modeling at $10 million/year, what is meant by conservatively aggressive, normally setting aside $9 million, one middle school project and the other being maintained through maintenance money, not planning remaining borrowing until 2016-2017, and Mr. Brown responded that he would communicate to the Board for further discussion regarding the remaining borrowing.
Present State High Project Bid Results
Dr. O’Donnell noted there were no actions tonight, but hope to have all understand the alternates. The action of voting will be next Monday, November 30, 2015. He also noted that from the fall of 2012 to now, it has been a complex up and down route and the financial piece was presented first. Mr. Poprik added they will review the High School bid and alternate information. They have both CRA and Massaro estimates but from this point forward, they are irrelevant. They will not be used in future presentations, the bid costs will be used.
Mr. Poprik explained we would begin with low bidders, spoke on value engineering process and action items would use “an amount not to exceed” the dollar amount of low bids. We will be tight on classroom space, and the total square footage we are looking at new and renovated is 697,680 sq. ft. He reviewed the first alternates listed apply to both buildings, next are the alternates that apply to the North followed by the suffix “N” and then the alternates that apply to the South followed by the suffix “S”. Mr. Poprik reviewed the following alternates, providing information with the recommendation from the team to accept or reject the alternate:
Roof Related Items Alternate 2GC Extended Warranty, Alternate 4 BuiltUp Roof, Alternate 3 Roof Insulation… Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to reject each alternate.
Alternate Systems Alternate 2MCBuilding Automation System, Alternate MC2A Dynatech Controls, MC2B NRG Controls… Based on the information provided, Alternate 2MC is used under the base bid and the recommendation was to reject the other two alternates.
Floor Finishes Alternate 5Add Terrazzo Floor, Alternate 5A Epoxy Terrazzo, Alternate 5B Rubberized Terrazzo, Alternate 5SGC Terrazzo Stair Finishes… Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to reject each alternate.
Material Enhancements Alternate 8 MVRA Concrete Slabs Grade, Alternate 9 Laminated Safety Glass at Entrances… Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to accept each alternate.
Stage Options Alternate 3S Stage Arbors, Alternate 4S Stage Panel Lights… Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to accept each alternate and the administration would pursue private fundraising.
Solar Alternate 2N 141 KW Solar Array, 5SEC 141 KW Solar Array… Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to accept 2N due to LEED Gold impact and reject 5SEC due to the points not needed to obtain LEED Gold Certification.
Existing North Restorations and Enhancements Alternate 6NGC Masonry Restoration, Alternate 6NSC Site Restoration, Alternate 5N Kitchen Renovations, Alternate 4N Locker Room Renovation, Alternate 1N Air Condition Competition Gym and Aux. Gym...Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to accept each alternate.
Methods and Means Alternate 6 Early Substantial Completion, Alternate 1 Unclassified Excavation, Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to reject Alternate 6 and the Site Contractor, Mechanical Contractor and Electrical Contractor amounts due to unit pricing quotes. Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to accept the General Contractor and Plumbing Contractor Alternate add amount.
Square Footage and Other Add Alternate 7 Vegetated Roof, Alternate 2S Rooftop Greenhouse, Alternate 1S Innovation Center… Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to reject Alternate 7 due to not being needed for LEED Gold and limited energy savings. Based on the information provided, the recommendation was to accept Alternate 2S and Alternate 1S.

Other costs and considerations were noted: The cost of a potential traffic light installation, adding $300,000, the estimated soft cost of $18,772,675 and soft cost contingency of $300,000, and the already incurred summer project amount of $1,609,700 would be added to the construction bids for the total project cost.
Board members discussed: The total square footage of the building, The built-up roof and what happened, have not used the quartz tile in the District yet, consider terrazzo for main traffic stairs, an explanation for the stage panel lights, the solar on the roof being constructed that they do not mess with the roof warranty, solar panels can always be added, the possibility of costing more later as a stand alone, the amount of power used on weekends, and applying for grants but then not sure about the reimbursement.
Board members took a break from 8:35 to 8:45 p.m.
Discussion continued: The vegetation roof being more of a learning issue for hands on, limited energy value, very limited for program value, the square footage for the planned roof, the cost of roofing underneath and the green roof, the size being 10 X 15 sq. ft., focus would be less on storm water, vegetation roof vs. greenhouse, greenhouse is an enclosed structure with glass roof and glass walls, get into through the hall, students do not go out on roof, the size is a little over 1,000 sq. ft., there is a separate greenhouse on ground level, the availability on the roof and a tray system, an opportunity for the greenhouse to be more integrated, and the opportunity to donate. The Innovation Center being a tough one, the increased space in STEM areas, the amount being spent already, the presentation last year was great and visual, spaces at FTE and MNE have not been used as originally thought, this space will inspire things, and supports this and the idea of it but wants to ensure we have a plan. Knowing it could be more costly to do things later, any other comprehensive high school having a facility like this, there being 15 schools like us with a CTC Program across PA, reviewed some schools, and noted it is difficult to have something to compare to since we are currently building a school. Let’s see how learning communities evolve, the Ed Specs process and large spaces originally designed were pulled out, this costing another $1.4 million for approximately 7,500 sq. ft. of space, this was not talked about during referendum, some centers are funded with private donations, this could add to our flexible space, envision things for the future and sees as a great opportunity for our students. This is not being looked at as a final piece of the puzzle but different kind of space, no lesson plans for this kind of space, it is an enhancement, looking at entire project to serve the community for one possibly two generations, and it would serve the community well. A concern that it is at the end of the building, not convinced it is really accessible, the location good for CTC, good for design and research, and equipment needs have been thought out. There is not a lot of opportunity to reduce the cost on this because it is a shell, $1.4 million for a shell but it is for immediate use, it is a heavy industrial space, fully heated, but does not include equipment. This would put us ahead of the curve curricular and co-curricular, would need to be scheduled, and can focus for two years while it is being built to know what will be done. What is so special that makes the cost so great? It is very similar to a gym, clear heights across two levels, do not get the benefit of a second floor, the slab thickness for different pieces of equipment, the overhead doors, and acoustics was looked at but not a problem, and the door selection due to the size.
Plancon Part F Attachment C
Mr. Poprik noted that PlanCon F Attachment C is submitted post bid opening. A draft form was part of the packet for board members to review. The final form will be completed and on the next meeting agenda, Monday, November 30, 2015, for action.
Plancon Part G
Mr. Poprik explained that PlanCon, Part G can not be completed until Crabtree Rohrbaugh and team are sure of the alternates. For next Monday, November 30, 2015 meeting, the bids and bid alternates will be on the agenda for action. Once the alternates are known, the design team will finish PlanCon G for Board approval for submission to PDE.
Proposed 2016-2017 School Year Calendar
Ms. Concepcion noted that board members had the proposed 2016-2017 school year calendar at their places for them to review prior to discussing. There would be no discussion tonight, but this item will be on the December 7 agenda under Information/Discussion.

Board Sub Committee Reports
● Culture, Climate and Learning (CCL) Subcommittee: Dr. O’Donnell noted there is a requesting charge from the Board that CCL review the Strategic Plan two Benchmarks that relate to student academic performance. Ms. Concepcion noted that they may need to evaluate the meeting times since the middle of the day may not be a good time.
● Communications Subcommittee: Dr. Pawelczyk provided Policy 006 and noted that the Communications Subcommittee may want to take this over. Also, reviewing the High School Project communication and website needs might be in order.
Central Intermediate Unit (CIU) Report: Meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
National School Boards Association (NSBA) Report: Mr. Hutchinson reported that they are close to ESEA and it is possible it will pass this time.
PA School Boards Association (PSBA) Report: Mr. Hutchinson noted that things switch from positive to negative each day and the state budget may go to mid-late December. Board members noted disappointment with PSBA on the short-term and long-term relief for Pension Reform. Mathematically, it is impossible.
Legislative Report: Ms. Concepcion noted that some of them went to Harrisburg last Monday and legislators asked for feedback on the education funding formula in the future. They spoke on a referendum for every and all property taxes going forward. Board member questioned as this drags on, when is there a presentation to the Board and what budget stalemates mean? Mr. Brown will be able to highlight items in December.
Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) Liaison Report: Dr. Pawelczyk reported COG was meeting tonight and would be going over their annual budget.

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Liaison Reports
● Athletics: At their meeting, they reviewed fall sports and introduced winter coaches.
● Facilities and Finance: Had a joint meeting and went over the bid results.
● Technology: At the last meeting, they toured technology availability in this facility (Panorama Village) and the IT folks space. The meeting scheduled for Wednesday is cancelled and the plan is to combine the November and December meeting and hold the meeting on PSU campus.
Ms. Concepcion reviewed items on the upcoming agendas noting that November 30 is a special meeting to vote on project bids, December 7 meeting will begin the new year for the Board, and if any board members have a question or items for future agendas, they can contact Board Leadership.

Ms. Stahl moved and Ms. Fishbaine seconded to adjourn the meeting. All board members voted aye with a voice vote. The motion passed unanimously. Ms. Concepcion adjourned the meeting at 10:28 p.m.
Submitted by,
Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary