Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Agenda/Notes 6-6-18

State College Area School District


June 6, 2018 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.     Call to Order

II.    Elementary Projects (attachment II)
         •FF&E selection process and approval for initial purchase
         •Graphic panels - selection reveals and approval

III.   North Field - Artificial Surface (attachment III)
         •Procurement method
         •Scope - turf, lights, bleachers, etc. 

IV.    Playgrounds RFP Process (attachment IV)

V.      Public Comment  - Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.

VI.     Future Agenda Items
High School Sign

VII.     Adjournment


June 6, 2018 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Notes
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room C
Panorama Village Administrative Center                                         Accepted Notes
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.        Call to Order
Ms. Bedell called the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting to order at 11:34 am.

Present: Committee Members: Lori Bedell, Gretchen Brandt, and Scott Fozard
Others:  Randy Brown, Jason Little, Mary Kay Montovino and Ed Poprik.

A copy of  all materials distributed to committee members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.      Elementary Projects
          • FF&E Selection process and approval for initial purchase
As the first phase of Radio Park is slated to open in August, some initial furniture purchases will need to be ordered now to ensure delivery within that time frame.  The first phase is modest with 9 standard classrooms and an Art room opening. Other programs such as the Office, Music, and ESL will be housed in temporary accommodations.  The first phase of the furnishings plan is to purchase student and teacher desks and chairs along with some other minor components for the 9 standard classrooms (3 kindergarten, 3 first grade, 3 second grade) and mentioned Art room now.  The temporary rooms will use existing furniture until the next phase.

Mr. Little shared the furniture that has been selected for Radio Park includes room layouts for the first purchase. This item will be on the June 11 Board meeting agenda for Board approval. We will ask for an award not to exceed $76,304.21 on Monday evening to purchase all you have seen.  The total budget at Radio Park for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) is $907,161 of which $375,000 will be for furniture. This is within the established budget for the project.

The furniture selections were made in consultation with district staff, and samples were at the school for a little over two weeks.  This is a similar process as was used with the High School Project. Presently there are samples at Corl Street, but a decision won’t need to be made for a few months. Samples will be shared with Spring Creek (Houserville/Lemont) as well for future input.

          • Graphic panels - selection reveals and approval
As was decided at a previous meeting, two choices of graphic panels were offered for voting to each of the school communities.  Parents, teachers and staff members were notified via email with a link to a survey showing the graphic choices. The top choices are:
Radio Park Elementary -- Central Park
Spring Creek Elementary -- Petal Pusher
Corl Street Elementary -- Float Upbeat

The committee is pleased with the participation of school communities in making these decisions.  Once the design team has clear direction on the panels themselves, a cost will be developed. The Board will be presented a change order as a final action to complete the acquisition of the graphic panels.

III.    North Field - Artificial Surface
Procurement Method
Going to do this through cooperative purchasing.  Aids in coordination with the Borough on planning and purchases. 
          • Scope - turf, lights, bleachers, etc.
This has been priced out with a standard fence around the field.  There has been discussion for potentially adding some netting at the ends of the field due to the possibility of soccer balls flying over the goal and over the standard fence, possibly could go into the driveway; use 25 ft netting on the ends of the field that are the most prominent areas.  Committee members discussed the standard fencing, will there be multiple entry points? Entry points are not shown on the diagram but Mr. Poprik will follow up with the design team. Future area for bleachers, site prep at $300,000. Suggested not going with bleachers at this point. Recommending to grade out a flat area with a small retaining wall in the back that would, at some point in the future, accept a bleacher project.  Also possible to not grade it now; no reason to not come back at a later time to grade, lay cement to prepare for bleachers. Would it make more sense to have the bleachers at the lower side of the field closer to the parking; would the field need to be moved; move the field up to provide for the option of bleachers on the lower part of the field. Mr. Poprik will discuss that option and work with the design team.

Mr. Brown reminded the committee that this is just another update, no need for Board action; if there was a strong desire to make adjustments now, that could need action.  Mr. Poprik will discuss the netting with the team, it not being invasive, lifespan of the netting and being netting, it could be taken down for the winter; poles would last, netting would last several years.  Mr. Brown suggested the netting be put at the field now. Ms. Bedell agrees that the netting is important now; add the bleachers in the future. If Board action is necessary, it will be presented on 6/25.

IV.       Playgrounds - RFP Process
Mr. Poprik shared a draft RFP for Playground Design Services.  This document is offered for feedback on content as well as discussion of timeline and process.One part of the RFP includes fixed fees.  Within the fee schedule is how many meetings would be required. Committee members discussed how many meetings should be held involving the professional; who all is involved; should CACs be involved; and asked if meetings would be at each elementary school? Mr. Brown remembers a discussion about forming a Task Force. Members of the CACs could report back to their groups. Mr. Little suggested having a meeting at each of the two middle schools to capture the elementary community.

After discussion it was decided to put eight meetings in the RFP.  It’s not necessary for the Professional to be at all meetings held, the task force, administration, etc. can have meetings for community involvement.

Mr. Poprik shared that the RFP requests that deliverables shall include, at a minimum, a narrative report, including multiple options where applicable; schematic design site plans; graphical renderings of proposed projects; and estimate of probable project costs.

Committee members commented, suggested and questioned the following: The need to attract designers who will integrate traditional play equipment with the holistic playgrounds, potential designers, incorporate outdoor classroom space, help the fine and gross motor skills to be developed, and social and emotional learning.  Once the RFP is ready, how do we reach those professionals, how do we get the word out? Do we have to accept the lowest bidder? Mr. Poprik said absolutely not. They will not present any designs to us; they will present their qualifications; we will interview top candidates; they’ll also include pricing for us. This will provide us with the designers to create the design and proposal which, after deciding on a design, then the RFP for bids will go out.  It was asked if the RFP requires Board approval before being released? It is not required but would be a good process. If time is not an issue, then this item should be added to the upcoming agenda items for the June 25 Board meeting for action.

V.        Public Comment 
There was no public comment.

VI.       Future Agenda Items
            High School Sign

VII.      Adjournment
Ms. Bedell adjourned the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting at 12:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Kay Montovino
Acting Board Secretary