Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Agenda/Notes 9-6-18


September 6, 2018 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.      Call to Order

II.     COG/CRPR master plan process (
attachment) - Gretchen
               Whitehall Road Park     Steering Committee for CRPR Regional Comp Plan

    Playgrounds Design Process (attachment)

IV.     High School and Elementary School Projects Updates - post first day of school
               Change order for crosswalk @ HS (attachment)

V.       High School Athletic Fields (
               North Field orientation for future bleachers
               South Field lights

VI.      Public Comment  
Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.

Future Agenda Items
               High School Sign



September 6, 2018 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting  
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center                                                           
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.        Call to Order
Ms. Bedell called the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

Present: Committee Members:  Lori Bedell, Gretchen Brandt, Amber Concepcion
Absent:  Committee Member:  Scott Fozard
Others:   Vern Bock, Randy Brown, Mary Jenn Dorman, Dan Duffy, Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum, Chris Weakland and Laurel Zydney (arrived at 11:45 a.m.)

A copy of  all materials distributed to committee members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.       COG/CRPR Master Plan Process
Ms. Brandt noted she was on the Steering Committee for CRPR; they interviewed three firms and she had a sheet she shared for the firm selected. She has been told that she needs to make sure other District Board members know what is going on with this. If the District would like to be involved, we need to let CRPR know and much of this is based on conversations that happened seven years ago. There could be a baseball field at the WhiteHall Road Park, the District would pay for something, and they would include PIAA requirements. This could be State High baseball and softball field at a one time cost. If the District Board has interest, letting them know will need to happen soon. Mr. Poprik noted this conversation happened with Ms. Pennepacker, the former Athletic Director, not Mr. Weakland, the Current Director. The piece not in the discussion at the time was a turf field and field at the North building.


Ms. Brandt explained her job of communicating to the District, the window of opportunity, and process that needs to happen to be a part of this opportunity. Discussion occurred regarding parking at Community Field vs. this field; what we want the relationship to be and length of years; District is putting this into our own Facilities Master Plan; White Hall Park having facilities whether the District gets involved or not; the actual time District would use the field; the District having facilities for our own sports; and upgrades have been done on Community Field, but there are some shortcomings. It was decided the District was not ready to commit to this relationship, there are unknowns at this time, and we can improve our own. Ms. Brandt noted that PIAA requirements would not be done if we do not want to do this now, and they will plan the park with basic fields.


III.      Playgrounds Design Process 
Mr. Poprik share the questions that were prepared for the interviews being held tonight. Two firms were chosen to interview and he noted there were 14 potential questions but 8 would be asked in the time frame allotted. He reviewed what each question referred to and asked asked committee members for ones to rise to the top. All had input for the eight questions chosen and it was decided going around the table to ask questions would be used, not Mr. Poprik asking all the questions. Mr. Bock spoke on the Proposed Playground Design Process to begin in May and be completed by August 2019. He will create a timeframe for the graphic provided and reviewed the Goal Settings and Design Options process that will start with the Task Force and the Design Firm. He explained how they would keep both the Facilities and Grounds Committee and the CAC for Facilities members informed. There are four staff/elementary school and the two middle schools. He will ask the school team to go to students, get feedback from them and bring this back to the Task Force. It was noted that managing a large group like this will provide great feedback. The goals for goal setting are: Inclusivity to be clear - designs to promote group collaboration play spaces and developmental considerations; natural play spaces and sustainable; motor skills; provides social and emotional learning; year-round usage; and safety and security. Mr. Bock took this input and will bring back to the full Board at their meeting next Wednesday. He noted the Task Force and community provides input and the Board and Administration will provide the direction to the firm. Mr. Poprik noted a very minimal number of meetings were built in and a cost would occur for more meetings. The process needs to playout but there would be additional cost even for added video meetings.

IV.       Change Order for Crosswalk at the High School
Mr. Poprik noted the crosswalk would be at the main traffic light intersection. A raised intersection is not allowed and the next best thing is thermoplastic paint that would be level, not raised. We could save $40,000 if we eliminated the thermoplastic paint and went with a regular crosswalk; the long-term impact does really not seem to hold up but it is better than colored asphalt. Discussion occurred: not raised but using brick - very expensive; two intersections across Westerly Parkway - main light and O’Bryan Lane; thermoplastic paint does not serve a functional use so can do white painted crosswalk; used safety and security to drive the project and there being a reason it was planned in the project; bike/walk path already along Westerly Parkway; and need to have the whole Board see. Mr. Poprik will prepare the information for the meeting on Wednesday and then will be on the agenda September 24 for action. Mr. Brown noted the administration recommends the consideration to have a white painted crosswalk, not thermoplastic paint, to save $40,000. At this time, the committee is mixed. Board member spoke on speed bumps on our property going around the school.

V.        High School Athletic Fields
North Field Orientation for Future Bleachers
Mr. Poprik projected a design for the North field and asked which side of the field should the bleachers be placed? It is better to have the players opposite the bleachers and it was decided to have the bleachers by the parking lot side and have players along the roadside. Better access for those coming to watch the game.

South Field Lights
There are many good reasons to add lights to this field - band practice and other practices. It is not close to a parking lot. The lights on North field fit in the ordinance, but the South does not and we would need a text amendment that goes to the Borough Council, they have a Public Hearing, and then it is considered by the Council. It was decided that we do want to pursue for lights to be ready for next fall. Mr. Brown noted LED lights are very bright but we need to start the process now since we want this complete for next fall, and this does not need to go to the full Board.

VI.       Public Comment  
There was no public comment.

Future Agenda Items
           High School Sign
Mr. Brown also noted he will check on a Radio Park tour for the Board prior to the Regular Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 12.


VIII.     Adjournment
Ms. Bedell adjourned the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting at 1:00 p.m.


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Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary