Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Agenda/Notes 11-1-2018

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November 1, 2018 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting
Meeting Room A - 11:30 a.m. 
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.        Call to Order

II.      Crosswalk Update and Discussion
(attachment II)

III.     High School North Universal Access Discussion (attachment)

IV.      Permission to Bid upcoming projects: 

               1) Memorial Field  (attachment IV-1)
               2) Panorama Village Renovations  (attachment IV-2)

V.       Upcoming project - North High School Renovations (

VI.      COG/CRPR Master Plan Recap
               Whitehall Road Park - Baseball Field

VII.     Public Comment  Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.

Future Agenda Items
               High School Sign

IX.       Adjournment



November 1, 2018 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Notes
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room B
Panorama Village Administrative Center                                   Accepted Notes
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.     Call to Order
Ms. Bedell called the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting to order at 11:34 a.m. and welcomed all in attendance. She had attendees introduce themselves.

Present: Committee Members: Lori Bedell, Gretchen Brandt, Amber Concepcion, Scott Fozard
Others:  Randy Brown, Anna Childe, Mary Jenn Dorman, Dan Duffy (arrived 12:35 p.m.), Matt Harlow, Tim Jones, Robert Lingenfelter, Nabil Mark, Brent Michaels, Kevin Nestor, Bob O’Donnell, Ed Poprik, Chris Weakland

A copy of  all materials distributed to committee members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.     Crosswalk Update and Discussion
Mr. Poprik noted he provided a memo and turned the meeting over to Mr. Harlow. Mr. Harlow met with the Borough and reviewed information from the notes he had. The Borough will not allow a logo, “S”, or pawprints on the crosswalk due to considering those a distraction. They want consistency throughout the Borough and will allow colors of gray, white, and brick color. He shared a picture of the design. There is a border of white, with white or white/gray piano keys, and the 12 inch borders will protect the thermoplastic. He spoke to the Borough about the crosswalk above the Welch Pool and they were fine with that. Mr. Harlow noted the new pavement does not go up that far but if they wanted to do this crosswalk, it would be best to extend the pavement to put the crosswalk there. He added there is a $4,000 savings for reusing the painting scheme and the original had an extended area beyond the border that was removed, now it is a better design. The crosswalk at the bike path will be a $12,000 cost. Discussion occurred regarding the gray/white piano keys, District paying/should not be paying according to School Code for road work and will check with Dr. Etter, the crosswalk not happening until next summer, will get a sample of colors for then, Logo, “S”, or pawprints on District property at entrances past the road crosswalk, bridge this decision with signs for way finding also, and Mr. Poprik will do two change orders, one for the minus $4,000 - Paint modification and one for the added $12,000 for the bike path area crosswalk.

III.     High School North Universal Access Discussion
Mr. Jones spoke on North side access points being hard to do right now due to the construction passage and can be done later. Looked at the band room location, how they get to the field, the band director not being interested in a curb cut and thinking it would not be useful. He noted that looking on paper and having finished/completed can be a disconnect. The curb cuts will require action on the part of the Board and spoke on the South side and curb cuts for the rest of the building. Committee member requested for whenever possible to have a ramp for the North lot corners, it was noted the sidewalks are already in, this can be brought up prior to completed construction, look at flow and how it works with the field, and Mr. Harlow noted the challenges of the slopes in that area and reminded committee we already have ADA accessibility.

IV.     Permission to Bid Upcoming Projects:
Memorial Field -
Dr. O’Donnell explained Mr. Poprik would discuss permission to bid Memorial Field and have a sidebar that he and the construction team delved into. Mr. Poprik showed the timeline for the current construction running for a series for years, beginning Spring 2019 to finishing Spring 2021. The work would stop for two different fall seasons. The new timeline idea would move fall sports for one season, could complete the project for Fall 2020. The second schedule would impact one season a lot instead of two seasons a little bit. This could also shrink up cost and inflation. Committee members questioned the schedule and cost and it was noted an initial estimate would be $.5 million to $1.0 million savings. Committee members and construction team discussed many possibilities; impacts with all sports with being down a field; North field being an option but other programs being displaced including the band; having one season with all away games; pluses and minuses of many different aspects of the domino effect for many parts to be considered; and the South track lights is a key point which are scheduled for the middle of November. It was determined it would be fiscally responsible to bid both ways and also look at what is best for students. This item should be discussed with the full Board, there is no specific Plan B, the savings may drive what we are able to do, and plan to keep it simple and have this be an Action item on the November 12 agenda.

Flag Discussion - Mr. Brown noted this is the first time seen for Memorial Field. Memorial Field was named and dedicated for a reason - looked at a way on how to recognize, dedicated, and keep the memory alive with flags installed in the Parklet. The Borough staff is aware of this but would need to go for Borough forman approval. Dr. O’Donnell added they would take the names of State High alums that have served, but the challenge is managing all the names, could possibly do a running screen at the High School, and honoring with these flags is consistent with previous dedications. Mr. Lingenfelter spoke on the height and width of the flags and would look small from Nittany Avenue, but from the field they would look large and represent all branches of service. There is a night light option that would be an added cost. Mr. Poprik explained he could mirror a text amendment for South and flag display to the Borough at the same time.  Committee members voiced concerns; spoke on a wall, plaque or other type of memorial; there is definite value in recognizing them; Dr. O’Donnell added that initially, the dedication was State High Alums that gave their life and in 2003, the dedication was for all alums that served. Board member attending commented on the flags, and a monument might be better. Dr. O’Donnell noted they could pull military folks back in for options and have clarity of definition of facility. Mr. Poprik should not go to the Borough at this time due to committee members and Board member present needing more time, and provided the following feedback: They expressed support for incorporating a memorial for fallen soldiers who were alumni of SCASD and would like to consider options for a small monument adjacent to the stadium, as an alternative to the flag display.

Panorama Village Renovations - Mr. Brown referred to the memo with the floor plan configuration for Panorama Village building putting three offices in current Meeting Room C; there will be an add in the Computer Services area; and an office in the staff lounge. They are looking at an approximate $150,000 cost, doing more decentralizing for registration but have point people here to enter all the data. Part of Room C will still remain a conference room. They would like to have the permission to bid this for the next Board meeting agenda. It was noted that a greater acoustic insulation for privacy and/or confidential matters is not part of this renovation.

Ms. Bedell left the meeting at 1:24 p.m.
Mr. Fozard left the meeting at 1:29 p.m.

V.     Upcoming Project - North High School Renovations

Mr. Poprik noted he would like to discuss a few items outside of the project at the North building.He reviewed the “home” of Physical Plant, Rit Program for a future bid project in the CTC area. He needs no action today or at the next meeting since nothing has officially been determined, but did explain where these functions were currently residing at 131 W. Nittany Avenue and Fairmount Avenue buildings. With the new locations, Mr. Poprik provided the grade, access points and the RIT Program would be a self-sustaining place, a controlled location. The Middle Level and High School RIT could be stand-alones, but there could be access to each. RIT is adjacent to Delta School and there is an SRO based in Delta. He provided information on the Physical Plant storage area behind the North building, the number of employees that would move there and the rough estimate being approximately $500,000. Board member noted the education function is the lower one-third of the facility and physical plant is above and all together. Dr. O’Donnell noted possible space for online support, would like to improve curricular options and experiences for RIT, and would be easy to transition into this space since it is near RIT.

VI.     COG/CRPR Master Plan Recap
Whitehall Road Park - Baseball Field -
This item was tabled due to time constraint.

VII.    Public Comment
There was no public comment.

VIII.   Future Agenda Items
           High School Sign

IX.      Adjournment
Ms. Bedell had left the meeting and Ms. Brandt adjourned the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting at 1:41 p.m.

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Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary