Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Agenda/Notes 1/3/19

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January 3, 2019 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room APanorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.       Call to Order

II.      Bid Awards
          A. MNMS Chiller (attachment II-A)
          B. Houserville Asbestos Part 1 (attachment II-B)

     Playground Update

IV.      Memorial Field Update
          A. Draft Phasing Option(s) (attachment IV-A)
          B. Community Update Planned

V.       Text Amendment Update

VI.      Elementary Projects
          A. Graphic Wall Panels (attachment VI-A)

VII.     Public Comment  Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.

Future Agenda Items
            CRPR Basefields


January 3, 2019 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Notes
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center               Accepted Notes
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.     Call to Order
Ms. Brandt called the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting to order at 11:36 a.m.

Present Committee Members: Gretchen Brandt, Amber Concepcion
Absent Committee Members: Lori Bedell, Scott Fozard
Others:  Vern Bock (arrived 12:15pm), Randy Brown, Mary Jenn Dorman, Dan Duffy, Matt Harlow, Tim Jones, Jason Little, Nabil Mark, Bob O’Donnell (arrived 12:27pm), Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum, Chris Weakland

A copy of  all materials distributed to committee members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.     Bid Awards
MNMS Chiller -
Mr. Poprik spoke on the dehumidification and replacing the entire current system and adding this. He explained the current system, with no dehumidification, and how the new system would work and where items would be. He had provided an estimate and bids came in $317,094.00 over the projected cost. The project team is working with contractors to determine if there are any value engineering (cost savings) opportunities. Mr. Poprik gave a total for the air conditioning and the dehumidification and the overage is pretty equally split. To cut costs, he could have his men do some of the work but it would only be approximately $60,000 in savings and would still be over $2 million. He will need to have this as an action item on Monday, January 7 meeting. He noted the bids are fair; rebidding would really not save us any money; he explained how this is different from the current system; and the air conditioning system works, but will fail eventually. Mr. Poprik gave a detailed description of the new system and noted it will extend the life of MNMS. It can be completed over the summer but needs approval Monday to get this done. Much of the work would happen prior to summer. He explained the High School is comparing apples and oranges since a different type of system is there, and new elementary schools have different types of controls and delivery systems also. Committee members commented, questioned, and made suggestions. Mr. Brown responded with the amount that was spent at MNMS and if it happens again, we might as well have this system. Mr. Poprik added that the type of system at MNMS is prone to this and explained the workings through a limited wall system. What we are proposing has been recommended by the design professionals as well.

Houserville Asbestos Part 1 - Mr. Poprik explained bids would be received January 8 for the first of two asbestos removal projects at Houserville Elementary School. This first project will be completed during spring break and this will allow demolition to begin selectively late spring, early summer. Windows will be abated on the Northern half of the building in June and in late May, the southern half and kitchen will come off-line the last three weeks of school. Students will have bag lunches at Houserville due to all needs demolished to build a parking lot before school begins. Mr. Brown added there is a lot of work to be done to have the parking lot complete and has been explained overtime. With the March abatement, windows will be covered and there will be less natural light. This will be communicated to families in this school and will make sure to get something out. The asbestos abatement is coming out of Mr. Poprik’s budget rather than the project.       

III.    Playground Update
Mr. Bock noted the first Task Force Team meeting is Wednesday, January 16, 6-9pm in the Board Room at Panorama Village. He explained they will need a Board representative and noted there would be a parent rep. from each building PTO, faculty person, and para. Many  paraprofessionals are ones that monitor recess. They engaged with Metcalfe before winter break, there will be a survey go to elementary families and explained a form where kids can write or draw what they would like and it will be sent to Metcalfe. Metcalfe wrote the survey that will be sent out. There will be other community input; they designed a timeline that will be in the Board memo on Monday; and there was a discussion regarding CS, RP and SC being accelerated to have some equipment prior to the start of school. Board member suggested emphasizing how committee people were chosen and this is the Steering Committee, but there will be multiple opportunities for each school community, and K-5 students have a voice. Ms. Brandt volunteered to be the Board Representative for the Steering Committee.

IV.     Memorial Field Update
Draft Phasing Option(s) -
Mr. Poprik noted an alternate phasing plan for Memorial Field was discussed at the November 12 meeting. The original phasing calendar has a completion of the project for spring 2021 and an alternate phasing calendar was discussed to close the field for fall 2019 season and complete the project for fall 2020 explore potential cost savings for the project. Administration has worked with the ELA Group to develop a draft plan to add seating, a scoreboard, and a press box at the new North field. He shared Option A and B with the probable cost for the South and North side of the Field but all is at North Field. He reviewed the costs for one side and two sides while preparing for bid day. Mr. Brown added spending $500,000 as an investment on North field and also looking for an option for South Track as well. Bids will be opened February 19; the February Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting has been moved to February 26. Committee members commented on the inconvenience for fans for a one-year cycle and need to step up and accept; and the framing of communication is very important - two seasons of construction vs. one season. After further discussion and comments, it was noted the North included lights, they are not purchased yet for the South, but the South has so much more capacity. We need permission no matter wich we want to use, North or South; North is much easier and quicker to install; and South would be longer but we could get it done. There are five home varsity football games scheduled fall of 2019.

V.     Text Amendment Update - Mr. Poprik noted they are requesting a text amendment with the Borough and discussed band practice; both Borough groups had mixed feelings on the matter. We have planned to meet with neighbors and get feedback on Monday, January 14, with an evening meeting at the High School; the Planning Commission was invited as well. We go back to the Planning Commission January 24, and then see if Borough allows the text amendment. He thought they put together a good case but not sure if we will be able to light the field. No change for bleachers but will need to talk to code for restrooms.

Community Update Planned - Mr. Poprik discussed the final piece being a community update scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, to get ideas from the community to get necessary steps involved. Dr. O’Donnell spoke on the opportunity for our CTC Building and Construction and Architecture students that he will meet with after the community update to discuss ideas that came out of the update. Chris Weakland spoke on downtown parking vouchers for Friday Night Football and committee members thought this was a great idea.

VI.     Elementary Projects
Graphic Wall Panels -
Mr. Poprik explained a change order needed to purchase the panels. This will be discussed at the January 21 Board meeting. There were complaints about different patterns and they were removed from the project. They were not bid since they had not been selected, but were always intended to be included. It will be in the elementary projects change order format.

VII.    Public Comment 
There was no public comment.

VIII.   Future Agenda Items
    CRPR Baseball Fields - Ms. Brandt reported the comprehensive plan will come back and then they will address.
Redistricting - Dr. O’Donnell noted this is just demographics and nothing major.

Dr. O’Donnell also mentioned the Memorial Field “memorial” and the High School sign and looking at parameters to fit the project. Ms. Concepcion added about scheduling Ribbon

Cutting Ceremonies in the fall. We will need one for five schools - High School, 3 Elementary Schools and Delta.

IX.     Adjournment
Ms. Brandt adjourned the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting at 12:55 p.m.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary