Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting/Notes April 4, 2019

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April 4, 2019 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administration Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.    Call to Order

II.   PSU Sustinable Communities Project Report - Corl Street (attachment) (PowerPoint)

Fall 2019 Athletic Considerations (attachment)

IV.   South Track Lights (attachment)

V.    Public Comment  
Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.

VI.  Future Agenda Items

               North Facility - Final Phase
               Demographic Study Update
               CRPR Basefields


April 4, 2019 Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Notes
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A                                         Accepted Notes
Panorama Village Administration Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.    Call to Order
Ms. Brandt called the Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting to order at 11:33 a.m. and noted they would begin with Item #3. Presenters arrived for Item #2 and began.

Committee Members Present: Lori Bedell, Gretchen Brandt, Amber Concepcion, Scott Fozard
Others:  Amy Bader, Randy Brown, Peter Bucklund, Mary Jenn Dorman, Tim Jones, Nabil Mark, Bob O’Donnell (arrived 12:03 p.m.), Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum (arrived 11:50 a.m.),Claire Talley

A copy of  all materials distributed to committee members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.    PSU Sustainable Communities Project Report - Corl St.
Claire Talley and Peter Bucklund were at the tabel with Ed Poprik. Ms. Talley (Intern with Dr. Buckland at Penn State) provided a PowerPoint presentation and spoke on the intent to create Environmental Literacy as a learning outcome by connecting a LEED Gold school building (Corl Street Elementary) with the state and local curriculum. Her mission is to support teaching in all forms, from a bottom-up approach and submitted a document to achieve the Innovation in Education credit with connecting the curriculum and LEED features. She explained the methods on keeping engagement, enthusiasm and communication sustained; listening, understanding needs, concerns, constraints and brainstorming with those implementing the curriculum for most effective lessons; and not wanting to change what is taught, just expanding the perspective it is being taught from. Ms. Talley reviewed the stakeholders involved and provided an explanation for each, and reviewed both the existing and new curriculum for PA State Academic Standards and Corl Street Academic Curriculum, noting the new Fifth Grade Solar Energy Lessons. To receive the Innovation in Education credit, students must receive 10hrs of instruction/student and at Corl Street, K-5 lessons is 36 hours/student, meeting the instruction requirement. Dr. Bucklund noted that Mr. Poprik and Mr. Little have been an incredible resource, the Board is an important stakeholder with the decision made at this level to open up this enormous potential, and the Principal, teachers and parents are on board and shared values being OK with this. With the document submitted to USGBC, they are waiting approval.

Committee member noted how impressed she was with this presentation and another noted that PFE has a sustainability club and might want to contact them.

Dr. Bucklund spoke on a couple proposals - Innovation as not been submitted for Radio Park and Spring Creek and a document that was prepared for Corl Street could be done for both of those schools. Could have interest across all three schools and could offer a workshop. Dr. O’Donnell noted they would need to look at the calendar, limited time, look at other buildings and could be good interest, and would be good with working on the Science Curriculum that will be changing for the 2020-21 year for implementation. He asked Ms. Talley her plans and she will be working in D.C. with National Geographic this summer, a great pool of resources and outreach, and will be back interning with Dr. Buckland until she graduates. Mr. Bock noted he would connect Ms. Talley with Ms. Bauer, Director of Elementary Curriculum.

III.       Fall 2019 Athletic Considerations
Dr. O’Donnell noted they have worked through some specifics and have learned more about the calendar, gotten feedback form coaches, parents, etc., and will be on campus, but not the hybrid schedule for Memorial Field for October. Mr. Brown would outline finances and at this time, thinking South Track, if lights are approved, is the best solution and explained why: It is the largest area, fenced in, allows students to run around, small concession area there, and vending could fit in a back area. Next Friday at 2:00 p.m., Mr. Weakland will meet with boosters and walk the field. Ideas are being considered for seats, band, etc. Mr. Brown provided a hand out with a costs chart: A - Description, B - North Field, C - North with Football, and D - South with Football. B represented additional purchases to get North Field up and running and needed for venue to operate as a permanent site. C represented the cost of North with Football and D, the cost of South with Football and noted the South is less cost. They spoke on the press box and difference in cost due to topography (height needed) and two different types of press boxes. It was decided to show the hybrid and the communication on the hybrid being very important. Mr. Weakland is working on and will have a handout for the field walks for North and South. The public really needs to understand what it would be like playing in October at Memorial field. It will not be as they are seeing Memorial Field right now, but very different. Committee members felt it is very important to make 2019 football season a unique season and experience for players and everyone. Dr. O’Donnell spoke on the need for three turf fields, April 8 change order actions for North Field for rock removal and slips for goal posts, South could be on the meeting after, the Borough hearing about lights May 6, and a Board work session with students over the lunch time n the LGI at the High School for student input with Ms. Pechtold.

IV.     South Track Lights
Mr. Brown provided a history of what is happening with a listing of background information and listing of meetings that would permit taller athletic field lighting at the South Track. It may be possible to approve the lights on April 22 if everything goes through pending the Borough action. There was an Operations Agreement that both the Borough Council and Board Members have provided input and Mr. Poprik explained how this would work. Committee member spoke on the shut off time, who would be using the facility, and noted the District would prefer to allow community groups to use. We could share with others with our schedule taking priority.

Mr. Brown noted he would share this and felt it would be good to have Board representation at the May 6 Borough Council Meeting.              

V.     Public Comment
There was no public comment.

VI.    Future Agenda Items
There will be a playground update on the next meeting agenda, redistricting plans in the fall for autistic support and possible programs. There is no final North proposal, and facility transition.

VII.    Adjournment
Ms. Brandt adjourned the Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting at 12:53 p.m.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary