Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Agenda/Notes 9-6-17

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September 6, 2017 Board Facilities & Grounds Committee Meeting
11:30 p.m. -  Meeting Room A - Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.       Call to Order

II.      High School
Building Names
South side of Westerly Parkway - State College Area High School
                   North side of Westerly Parkway - North Building houses Delta,
                   the Gym/Pool, District Services  (II-A and II-B.MemoWayfinding)       
Signature Sign Discussion - Phil Hawk (II-B.Entrance)
Begin discussion of design process and parameter creation
Locks for Corridor Lockers Change Order for 9/11/2017 agenda
                 (attachment II-C and II-D)  
Permission to bid Phase 2 building work prior to January 2018

III.     Memorial Field
Options for Revised Locker Room Layouts (attachment III-A)
Administrative Recommendation: Add Massaro Construction Mgmt        Services to design team (attachment III-B)

IV.      Elementary Schools (attachment IV)
Materials and Graphics Discussion from 8/28/2017 Board Meeting
Houserville Naming Processing
Review Calendar

V.       Miscellaneous Discussion
Community Field Baseball InField Renovation

VI.      Future Agenda Items
Construction Projects
                  Note: Board, CAC Facilities and CAC Finance tour on 9/13 at 4p.m.

VII.     Public Comment

VIII.    Adjournment


September 6, 2017 Board Facilities & Grounds Committee Meeting Notes             
11:30 p.m. -  Meeting Room A - Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive 
State College, PA  16801

I.      Call to Order
Ms. Fishbaine called the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting to order at 11:35 a.m. She announced a change in the agenda. The meeting would begin with the Memorial Field discussion and she turned the meeting over to Mr. Poprik.

Committee Members
Present: Gretchen Brandt, Amber Concepcion, Penni Fishbaine, Scott Fozard
Others:  Amy Bader, Jacob Beury, Vern Bock, Randy Brown, Mary Jenn Dorman, Dan Duffy, Phil Hawk, Tim Jones, Robert Lingenfelter, Jason Little, Bob O’Donnell, Ed Poprik, Will Stout, Chris Weakland

A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.     Memorial Field
Options for Revised Locker Room Layouts
Mr. Poprik noted that Robert Lingenfelter and Jacob Beury were present from Weber Murphy Fox. A reconfiguration of locker rooms one, two and three have been done and Mr. Weakland was also present should there be any questions. For each locker room, Mr. Poprik reviewed the original and then the proposed changes making each space fairly equitable with lockers, showers and restroom facilities. There were a few lockers lost due to circulation and they are leaning toward proposed Option #2 for selection. Committee members had questions, needed clarification, offered suggestions, and comments. It would be good to know the cost but could not have ready for the September 11 meeting. This information, with the cost, will be on the September 25 meeting agenda to discuss with the full Board. Waiting until this meeting will not affect the calendar, and they will try to remain within the budget but could have an increase. Committee members were comfortable with the information that was provided and the number of the lockers lost since the number was minimal.

Administrative Recommendation: Add Massaro Construction Management Services to the Design Team
Mr. Poprik noted that Mr. Jones was present and wanted to make sure all were comfortable to have this discussion and they were. Mr. Poprik reviewed they had Massaro look at Memorial Field Design Development and they were not under contract for this project. He feels they need a construction management company for this project and would like to add Memorial Field. He would start them for the remainder of development, for cost estimates, and through construction as well. Massaro is under contract for the elementary projects and would be involved with all five projects. Committee members discussed Massaro or opening up to RFP, why now, and the outcome was:  Mr. Poprik is very pleased with Massaro, they would be a second set of eyes for documents and costs, this being a good idea and will definitely help Mr. Poprik with all that is going on. There will be something regarding this item brought to the Board on the September 25 meeting agenda.

III.    High School
Building Names
Mr. Poprik asked what buildings are to be named? The South side will be “State College Area High School,” but what about the North side that houses Delta, the gym and pool? He suggested calling it the North Building and would like consensus to keep this rolling. Committee members discussed and and offered various names for the signs but the building also needs a name. This has been referred to the North Building for a long time and it was suggested to put all the recommendations offered into a memo for an all Board discussion. Mr. Poprik reminded them of the Board practice for naming: The building named for a street and/or geographic area.  This item will be under Information/Discussion on the September 11 agenda, the Board can narrow down the various names given on the memo, and then will be on September 25 meeting agenda for action.

Street Signs
Mr. Poprik reviewed the street signs at the traffic light. Suggestion was made for North Campus, South Campus, and Westerly Parkway. He confirmed lettering with examples shown and also reviewed internal “wayfinding” signs. Phil Hawk noted the new building was the main building and suggested “Main Campus” and “North Campus.” These will also be put in as a choice.

Signature Sign Discussion - Phil Hawk
Mr. Poprik introduced Phil Hawk to begin discussion of the design process and parameter creation for the Signature Sign and what should it look like. Mr. Hawk noted that scale is important and needs to be right. He spoke on the letters over the entrance, the new building being big, the Signature Sign is dramatic with a free standing base and four-foot high letters. He spoke on the reuse of the limestone from the auditorium and advised not using this due to too many materials already and could clash. He gave specifics of the sign and keeping it low.  Committee members had questions, made suggestions, offered and asked for clarity, and the outcome was:

  • Not to use State College Area School District, rather have State High, State College Area High School
  • Looking for a sign with class and more formal - PSU sign by Beaver Stadium
  • Placement of sign needs to be decided - front of building, off to the left, or closer to O’Bryan/Westerly Parkway corner
  • This is a different path than from where we started with the fence for foot traffic
  • Will need to have further discussion for seating/gathering space, etc.

Mr. Fozard left the meeting at 12:50 p.m.

Mr. Hawk also reviewed “plints,” a stone structure that could be made from the auditorium wall stone and could have at various places around the campus. These could provide meetings, hanging out, or sitting places and be incorporated with the sign. Committee members discussed this concept being new, they could have meaning, have placed for a purpose and not random over the site, the need for seating outside at the High School for small groups, and kids currently are sitting on the grass.  Mr. Poprik noted that this sign item would be on multiple agendas moving forward.
Mr. Hawk left the meeting at 1:10 p.m.

Locks for Corridor Lockers Change Order for 9/11/2017 agenda
Mr. Poprik noted the upcoming agenda would have a change order to add built in locks to the hallway lockers.  This was an oversight. Students did bring their own, then lockers converted to internal locks - 2,630 lockers at $14/locker for change order in the amount of $36,873 and he will be recommending approval.

Permission to bid Phase 2 building work prior to January 2018
Mr. Poprik explained the Fitness Center and Performing Arts are moving to CTC areas as temporary locations. They will need to do modifications to the areas and then have a second move into new construction.

IV.     Elementary Schools
Houserville Naming Processing
Mr. Poprik reviewed the naming process for Mount Nittany Elementary School and noted Mr. Dishong will be attending the September 25 meeting with potential names for the Board to select. He hopes to finalize the new name for Houserville in the next month or so.
Ms. Fishbaine left the meeting at 1:23 p.m.

Review Calendar
Mr. Poprik reviewed the Elementary calendar with the following reminders:
      September 25 - Approve final documents/plan to bid
      October 23 - Discuss Bid Alternates
      October 31 - Open Bids and November 1 - Review Bids
      November 8 - Potential Special Meeting and November 13 - Award Bids
There are fewer bid alternates than the high school and spoke on materials and graphics. Committee members discussed seeing the materials, a possible change in the process, the markup versus the real colors and Mr. Poprik explaining a two-part discussion that would need to happen.
Ms. Brandt left the meeting at 1:30 p.m.

V.      Miscellaneous Discussion
Community Field Baseball Infield Renovation
Mr. Poprik noted he was working with Mr. Weakland on the Community Field Baseball area to shift practices around to redo the infield. Total cost would be about $8,000 (an outside contract) and Boosters are contributing $4,000 with the District covering the other $4,000.

VI.     Future Agenda Items
Construction Projects and Note: Board, CAC Facilities and CAC Finance tour on 9/13 at 4p.m.

VII.    Adjournment
Ms. Concepcion ended the Board Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting at 1:36 p.m.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman, Board Secretary