November 12, 2014 Notes

State College Area School District

CAC for Finance

November 12, 2014

Board Room, 131 W. Nittany Ave.

State College, PA  16801



Randy Brown

Anne Clymer (absent)

Marisa Flynn

Scott Fozard

Andy Friberg  (absent)

John Hook

Tim Hurley  (absent)

Dave Lieb  (absent)

Ann McGlaughlin 

Jim Myers  (absent)

Bob O’Donnell  (absent)

Carl Raup 

Lana Walker

Donna Watson


Guests:  Linda Pierce, Donna Reinhardt


Introductions:   Randy introduced new District employees Linda Pierce, Human Resources Director, and Donna Reinhardt, Accountant.  Committee members introduced themselves and spoke of their background.


Approval of Minutes:  The October 8, 2014 meeting minutes were approved.    


District Financing:  The district is in the process of refunding General Obligation Bonds, Series 2009 and 2010C, for around $9.7 million, for projected savings of about $500,000.  Standard & Poors reviewed the District’s rating and revised the rating to AA from AA-, which equates to $70,000 to 80,000 savings on the refinancing, and about $800,000 on the State High project.  The interviews of underwriting firms will be scheduled for December 17.  Several committee members have expressed an interest in participating in the interviews.  Ann encouraged more members to consider participating.


Health Care RFP:  Linda Pierce reported that she and Randy are working with Conrad Seigel Actuaries to determine how best to make the health care program affordable for the district and manageable for employees.  The RFP will be going out in January 2015.  Linda answered questions from members about going to a self-funded status and insurance consortiums; she shared both will be considered.


Property Tax Relief:  Randy reviewed information gathered from districts that were found to offer a property tax relief or exchange program.  Twenty-six districts were surveyed, based on questions from board members.  Ten of the 26 responded and their responses were included in a handout.  Committee members commented:

  - research potential liability and insurance costs

  - PA Department of Labor designation of “volunteer”

  - potential tax implications for the volunteers 

  - Public School Code or school laws that might affect exchange vs. rebate program

  - are there reasons approximately 95% of PA districts are not offering a program

  - take an enterprise risk approach when evaluating program offering 

  - can the district put a limit on it if it is rebate vs. exchange

  - why does the board want to do this

  - seems to be many roadblocks in this program

  - would be an administrative nightmare to do an exchange program -- if the district can budget a fixed dollar amount to do a rebate program, ok (several members agreed)

  - the more people roaming around the buildings, the more risk

  - find a district in our cohort that does not offer a program, and ask why  

Ann suggested summarizing all comments for board members, and then ask for direction. 


Future Agenda Items:  Next meeting will be December 10; High School Project/Delta Middle Level discussion


Adjourn:  The meeting adjourned at 5:08 pm.


Submitted by:

Marie Caster