Board Special Meeting Agenda/Minutes 11-7-16

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November 7, 2016 Special Board Meeting Agenda
Panorama Village Building - Meeting Room A
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801


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III.     PUBLIC COMMENT (Each individual will be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time
permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.)

A motion to approve the Routine Approval Listing as presented.
A. Board Meeting Minutes October 24, 2016 (attachment IV-A)
B. Accept Culture, Climate and Learning Committee Meeting Notes October 26, 2016 (attachment IV-B)
C. Human Resources Recommendations (attachment IV-C)

V.        ACTION ITEMS     
A. A motion to approve Agreement 2016-2017-01.
A. District Goal Category: Facilities and Grounds
            DWFMP - Elementary Update on Options (attachment VI-A) (Presentation)
B. Second Reading of Policy 217 - Proposed Graduation Requirement Policy with Administrative Guidelines for review.(attachment VI-B)

Culture, Climate and Learning Committee Meeting 10-26-2016
Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting 11-2-2016

November 14, 2016 Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Professional Education Subcommittee for the Comprehensive Strategic Planning Committee
Resolution for First National Bank
Change Orders for the High School Project
Approve number of classrooms /grade for each building for design development
Approve new OR addition/renovation for each building for design development
Draft 2017-2018 School Year Calendar
New Course Proposals for 2017-2018 School Year
Draft Proposed School Climate/Inclusive Excellence Policy 
Personnel Requests

November 28, 2016 Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Approval of 2015-16 Audited Financial Statements
Approval of Parameters Resolution for Future Debt Issuance
**Information Discussion
High School Project Update
District Wide Facilities Master Plan - Elementary Update
Memorial Field Proposal
Review Athletic Field Master Plan RFP
Personnel Requests
Parameters resolution for future debt financing

December 5, 2016 Reorganization Meeting
**Action Items
Elect Temporary President
Elect President
Elect Vice-President
Approve Annual Board Member Appointments
Approve 2017 Board Meeting Dates

December 5, 2016 Regular Meeting Immediately Following Reorganization Meeting
**Action Items
**Information Discussion
2017-18 Proposed Preliminary Budget
Elementary School Projects Calendar Update and Scheduling Act 34 Hearing
Data Warehouse and Analytics Proposal

December 19, 2016 Regular Meeting
**Action Items
Approve 2017-2018 School Year Calendar
Approve Athletic Field Master Plan RFP
Approve Data Warehouse and Analytics Proposal
Approve Parameters resolution for future debt financing
**Information Discussion
High School Project Update
Elementary Projects Design Development


November 7, 2016 Special Board Meeting Minutes
Panorama Village Building - Meeting Room A
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801


Ms. Concepcion called the State College Area School District Board of School Directors Special meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. She welcomed all in attendance and those viewing from home. Ms. Concepcion noted the Board held an executive session on October 24, 2016 on a personnel and legal matter, November 4, 2016 on a personnel matter and prior to this meeting on personnel and real estate matters. With the agenda before them, she asked board members if there were any changes; there were no changes.

A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion and/or action is included with the official minutes, unless otherwise indicated.
Board members present: Amy Bader, Gretchen Brandt, Amber Concepcion, Dan Duffy, Penni Fishbaine, Scott Fozard, David Hutchinson, Jim Leous, Laurel Zydney
Board members absent:
Board Secretary: Mary Jenn Dorman
Student Representative:
Solicitor: Scott Etter
Superintendent: Robert O’Donnell
District Personnel: Linda Andrews, Vernon Bock, Randy Brown, Jon Downs, Julie Jobe, Curtis Johnson, Nabil Mark, Jacque Martin, Emily McAleer, Mary Kay Montovino, Jason Perrin, Linda Pierce, Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum, Eugene Ruocchio
Guests: Frank Archibald, Leslie Brautgiam, Tracy Burns, Gus Colangelo, Linda Colangelo, Julie Coons, Mimi Cooper, Jen DeCecco, Michele Duffey, Matt Harlow, Tina Hennessey, Tim Jones, Marianne Kuhns, Aimee Lewis, Scott Mull, Rachel Prinkey, Monica Reed, Susan Sampsel, Stephen Shedlock

Ms. Concepcion spoke on Ms. Stoicovy’s 27.5 years of service in our District and her 41 total years in education. She noted Ms. Stoicovy’s receipt of numerous recognitions for her efforts and work in the area of environmental education and the recognition of Park Forest Elementary School as a Green Ribbon School. She thanked Ms. Stoicovy for her service and dedication to the students over her career and wished her much happiness in her retirement.

Dr. O’Donnell added that over the past two weeks, it has been reinforced how much people care about Park Forest Elementary School. He also wished Ms. Stoicovy well in her retirement.

Ms. Concepcion noted each individual would be limited to comments of five (5) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business. The following audience members addressed the Board:
-- Tina Hennessey noted she appreciated the kind words that were spoken for Donnan Stoicovy. She spoke on her retirement being quite a surprise to people in this community, not sure of what really did happen, and how Ms. Stoicovy has taught students to stand up for what they believe in and she is not convinced this happened by chance.
-- Jennifer DeCecco is the PTO President and did not speak for all parents. Ms. Stoicovy was someone who gave so much to the Park Forest community, she is feeling there is no transparency, parents may come next week to give comments due to the lateness of knowing about this meeting, and questioned if the best needs of the children were considered. She will encourage others to share opinions.

Ms. Concepcion asked Dr. Etter to speak to this situation and Dr. Etter explained the number of people that are employed by the District and no matter what level of employment, there are certain issues such as health or discipline that the administration or Board can not speak about. The Board oversees only one employee, the Superintendent, and not any other operations of any other employees. They can not and do not engage in any discussion on these matters.

Ms. Concepcion noted that it is board members practice during public comment to listen to comments but not respond to what has been said.

-- Mimi Cooper spoke on purchasing her home in that area for children to attend that school because of the principal. Her son was one of the students that went to the White House this year and Ms. Stoicovy’s leadership has made her child be a critical and creative thinker. She is proud to praise a wonderful woman in her retirement and she should have a true honoring. She supports her both personally and professionally.
-- Michele Duffey spoke on parents needing informed and very disappointed in how this was handled. There was no communication for two weeks, they were told qualified individuals were placed, and a simple message could have been sent much sooner. The District waited, PTO sent a message first and she felt this was a District issue as much as a Park Forest Community issue.

Ms. Concepcion shared that she has children at Park Forest Elementary and if District Administration did something that did not contain integrity, she would not be a part of it.

A motion to approve the Routine Approval Listing as presented.
--Board Meeting Minutes October 24, 2016
--Accept Culture, Climate and Learning Committee Meeting Notes October 26, 2016
--Human Resources Recommendations (refer to attachment IV-C)
Board secretary noted a correction to the October 26 CCL Committee Meeting notes on page two under Policy 217, should say “... would go to the Board on the November 14 meeting agenda for a second ​reading…”, NOT first reading. Ms. Brandt moved and Dr. Bader seconded to approve the motion with the correction. There was no discussion. With the motion moved and seconded, all board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion to approve Agreement 2016-2017-01. Ms. Fishbaine moved and Dr. Bader seconded to approve the motion. There was no discussion. With the motion moved and seconded, all board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.

DWFMP - Elementary Update on Options
Mr. Brown noted they have been providing updates since Spring for the Elementary School Project options and scenarios. They will be moving more from a schematic design to a designing phase. At the last meeting, Mr. Brown showed a summary of the financing plan with money in the current budget and Capital Reserve. Tonight, Mr. Straub, Ms. Harder, Mr. Jones and Mr. Harlow were present to provide updated scenarios and Options for the Board to make their selection next week at the November 14, 2016 regular meeting. The cost and phasing have been updated and with the selection next week, they will have ten to eleven months to understand the demographics.

Dr. O’Donnell noted that the CAC for Facilities and CAC for Finance members were invited to attend this evening to provide feedback and/or ask any questions. He turned the meeting over to Mr. Straub who explained the presentation would be broken into four parts, have five different site plans, and would review what all the options should have for safety measures, play areas, fields, gardens, and single entry points. They have more detailed floor plans but focused on the overall program, they looked heavily at Ferguson Township and Mount Nittany Elementary and every facility would have the same organization.
He began with Radio Park (RP) and the addition/renovation scenario noting:
         How they would phase, two front parking lots, keeping the bus garage same location, play areas behind the building, the community gardens, the building having 3 classrooms/grade, showed where the 4th classrooms future expansion, the land being unique due to a lot of the land is a no build zone and they can stay away from the floodplain.
The RP new scenario:
         The building is 15 ft back from the existing building, would need to take over the bus garage area due to the floodplain, provides more parking, play areas being at a lower level, can accommodate a different traffic pattern, building is right up against wooded area, and reviewed pros and cons with new construction.
Houserville (HO) addition/renovation scenario:
         Mr. Straub noted a strong opportunity for both options. Reviewed the community gardens, play areas, where future expansion could be added, the location of Fogleman Fields and noted this would not disrupt the fields.
The HO new scenario:
         There has been more detail added, noted there was more than enough room on this site, fields would not be disrupted and students could play in existing softball fields, the new building is much further from the existing building, the existing building would be behind the new one and the existing building is on the high spot. He spoke on new storm water area and could be a bit of a challenge.
Corl Street (CS) addition/renovation scenario only:
         Mr. Straub noted this site is much smaller but trying to have the same focal point, parking would be around the back, modulars would be in the front, build addition, they could maintain the existing play area, showed the proposed bus loop with some grading but not too much of a slope. He reviewed positives and negatives on this project.

Board members took a break from 7:50 to 8:03 p.m.

Ms. Concepcion noted that both Board members and CAC members could ask questions or comment on
what has been presented.
      ● CAC member spoke on Houserville (HO) grade change, new construction would be 10 to 15 feet to lower part and spoke on storm water flow. Mr. Harlow noted there were two water lines that could be re-routed and tie in, not extensive work.
      ● New close to Oak Lane and there is a huge opportunity to be a more welcoming and safer site. Look at the end result, this could be a good thing. New has a lot of benefits at HO.
      ● With Radio Park (RP), not sure new makes sense. Spoke on the no build zone, what would be least disruptive to student learning, need to relocate transportation with new, and would need direction from the Board.
After much discussion, Mr. Straub noted that HO can accommodate new construction and new construction at RP would be more difficult. Board members appreciated the time of the CAC members for attending tonight, offering comments and expertise for the Houserville, Radio Park and Corl Street projects. Mr. Straub reminded board members that the LEED Goal was to have substantially complete projects by June of 2019. HO and RP have Grant money attached to them but CS does not and will have PlanCon reimbursement, it could be further out. There may be advantages though with building all three at the same time.
Mr. Brown noted:
      ● They will prepare an updated calendar for the Board
      ● Board will take action for the three projects and will have additional action points
      ● December/early January will show what design development process looks like
      ● Will continue to check on possibilities for the bus garage
      ● Page 3 of the attachment - he spoke on the cost estimate with Construction Cost/ Costing/ Soft Cost
      ● Reviewed HO being 3 classrooms/grade, RP being 3 classrooms/grade or 4 classrooms/grade and the recommendation of the administration is 3/3/3 - 3 classrooms/grade for each project

Mr. Poprik offered one clarification on construction contingency, estimating about 10%. The following will be worked on: The Ed Specifications Document, a Board Decision Points Calendar, review further information for the bus garage and topography, and possibility to separate schools. Need to discuss the construction and soft costs, figuring out the design contingency range, and have a discussion for communications. Board members thanked Mr. Poprik, the team and their responsiveness to what the Board has asked for. They also thanked the CAC members again.

Dr. Perrin noted that he, Ms. Martin and Mr. Johnson were present for the second reading of this policy for the full Board. The Administrative Guidelines were also attached for their review but did not need Board approval. The purpose of the revision is to allow students to take more courses and have more choice. The policy is the binding part and if any changes would be made in the guidelines, they would come back to the Board. This revision would impact the current freshman students - 2020 graduates. This item will be brought back on the next meeting agenda, November 14, for action.

-- Culture, Climate and Learning Committee Meeting 10-26-2016 - Mr. Hutchinson noted the Board approved the meeting notes tonight. The School Climate Policy may be on the next meeting agenda or on the meeting at the end of November.
-- Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting 11-2-2016 - Ms. Fishbaine noted they reviewed the Elementary update that we had tonight.

Ms. Concepcion reviewed items on future agendas and noted that if a board member wanted to add or discuss any items, please contact Board Leadership.

X.              ADJOURNMENT
Mr. Fozard moved and Ms. Fishbaine seconded to adjourn the meeting. All board members present voted aye with a voice vote. The motion passed unanimously. Ms. Concepcion adjourned the State College Area School District Board of School Directors Special Meeting at 9:40 p.m.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary