Board Policy Development Committee Meeting Agenda/Notes June 20, 2019

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June 20, 2019,  Board Policy Development Committee Meeting
Meeting Room A - 11:30 a.m. 
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive 
State College, PA  16801

I.     Call to Order

II.    Title IX,
Nondiscrimination, and Sexual Harassment
            Update policies 103 and 104 per PSBA (Policy 103) (Policy 104)
            Incorporate Title IX language in policy 248 (Policy 248)
            Note, Bullying is policy 249 - to be reviewed by CCL

   Title I Policies and Regulation
            Update Policy 908 Parent/Family Teacher Involvement; create 908 - R, Title 1  Parent/Family Engagement LEA Plan; and, create 908.1, Title 1 Schools Parent/Family Engagement Policy

IV.    Severe Allergy
            Update Policy 209.1 Severe Allergy and regulation 209.1 - R, Severe Allergy Regulation

V.     Future Agenda Planning
            824 - Maintaining Professional Boundaries (including Social Media/Use of Technology)
            405 - Guest Professional Employees (outdated)
            537 - Vacation (timeliness)
            808 - Food Services - legal updates, and Food Allergy-related policies
            Screen time/use in schools
            Potential Policies for other committees
               Finance Committee
                 610 - Finances - Purchases Subject to Bid
                 818 - Operations - Contracted Services
               Culture, Climate and Learning Committee
                 Review Section 100 - Programs
                 249 - Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying (required review)
               Policies 348, 448, 548

VI.    Public Comment
Each individual will be limited to comments of three minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.


VII.   Adjournment

Accepted Notes
June 20, 2019, Board Policy Development Committee Meeting Notes
Panorama Village Administrative Center
Meeting Room A – 11:30 AM
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801


I.     Call to Order
Ms. Bedell called the Board Policy Development Committee Meeting to order at 11:34 AM.

Committee Members Present:  Amy Bader, Lori Bedell, Gretchen Brandt, Dan Duffy
Others:  Amber Concepcion, Gwynne Decker, Scott Etter, Cathy Kanour, Jonathan Klingeman, Robert O’Donnell, Linda Pierce, Lois Thompson, Lynn Tressler

A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.    Title IX, Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment
Following approval of 248, Sexual and/or Gender-Based Harassment, Discrimination, and Misconduct, we need to look at 103, Nondiscrimination/Discriminatory Harassment - School and Classroom Practices and 104, Nondiscrimination/Discriminatory Harassment - Employment Practices.  In 248, Mrs. Pierce included a “Contents” section to keep things in order. We are required by law to identify the Title IX Coordinator by name, including keeping the information up-to-date in the policies/regulations and with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Dr. O’Donnell wants to talk with Seria Chatters, Jeanne Knouse, and Linda Pierce about what we need to consider when defining harassment (including OCR’s definition).  A group of students is interested in helping write the procedures. Once refined, the definitions of harassment, sexual harassment, misconduct, and discrimination will be incorporated into the student handbooks as well. In 103, we need to clarify the difference between bullying and harassment and include how  students/employees report incidents/concerns. This information should be incorporated in the policy.  Split up the Delegation of Responsibilities and Reporting sections. Add a Contents section.

Mrs. Pierce will make changes to 103, 104, and 248 and share as necessary.  They will be added to a future Board Agenda.

III.    Title I, Policies and Regulation
Mr. Jonathan Klingeman provided an update regarding Title I policy requirements.  The District-wide Parent/Family Engagement Policy needs to be reviewed and updated annually.  The District also needs to have a policy for the Title I Schools. In addition, every Title I School must have their own Title I Plan.  If a District receives over $500,000 in Title I Funding, 1 percent is allocated just for parent/family engagement activities. Lawmakers want to ensure that the money is being spent as intended.  Coincidently, our plan, which was developed last year, is being used as a template by the State. The goal is to create a Regulation, 908-R, which will be the plan for the District. In addition, 908.1 will be created, which will be the Title I school policy.

IV.     Severe Allergy
Ms. Gwynne Decker and Ms. Lois Thompson, SCASD Certified School Nurses, joined the meeting to discuss the new language for 209.1, Severe Allergy.  It’s important to establish that our current practices coincide with the law and are truly helping our children, families and staff. Advocacy, awareness, education, and training are key factors when considering guidelines.  For those children with Individual Health Plans (IHP), dissemination of the information is different depending upon their age. Basic first aid training, including recognizing possible indications of an anaphylactic reaction, is critical for teachers and staff along with using 911 as a partner.  Mrs. Pierce will schedule time to discuss District-wide implementation of applicable training programs further with Jeanne Knouse.  The question regarding required training or responsibility was discussed. Mr. Etter was not aware that we can require either. At this point, the best way is to encourage as many teachers and staff as possible to participate in training.  There is a 2-hour online training which includes a second component consisting of a sign off by the School Nurse. We will need to develop how the participation time will be paid/accounted for, i.e., trade time, credit or compensation after successful completion, in-service days, etc.

V.     Future Agenda Planning
--824 - Maintaining Professional Boundaries (Including Social Media/Use of Technology)
--405 - Guest Professional Employees (outdated)
--537 - Vacation (timeliness)
--808 - Food Services - legal updates, and Food Allergy-related policies
--Screen time/use in schools
--Potential Policies for other committees

       Finance committee
--610 - Finances - Purchases Subject to Bid
--818 - Operations - Contracted Services

VI.    Public Comment
There was no public comment.

VII.   Adjournment
Ms. Bedell adjourned the Board Policy Development Committee Meeting at 1:39 PM.

Submitted by,

Lynn Tressler
Board Secretary