An Introduction to System 44

System 44 Program Description


System 44 is a comprehensive reading program for the most challenged readers in grades 3-12.  System 44 is research-based and emphasizes phonics instruction while incorporating comprehension and writing skills.  The instructional model for System 44 includes a brief whole group warm up followed by rotations that incorporate small group instruction, instructional software, and modeled & independent reading.  Components of the instructional software include:


  • The Smart Zone sound challenge displays a list of sound-spellings and directs students to click the correct sound-spelling as quickly as possible as the sound is read aloud.


  • The Word Zone asks students to sound words out, select a word from a list (timed), and transform words by adding and subtracting letters.


  • The Spelling Zone presents students with a spelling check-up of up to 20 words that have been presented during the topic.  Students hear the word in isolation and in context before typing it.  


  • The Progress Monitor portion of the software tests a student’s mastery of the content presented in each software topic.  


  • The Fluency Zone:  Read & Think Comprehension displays familiar words in decodable sentences.  Students read the sentence and listen to a question.  Students then select the correct answer from three choices.