Hearing Support

To qualify for hearing support, a student must have a diagnosed hearing loss as documented by an audiologist and an educational need for support.   Hearing loss in students vary from mild or fluctuating conductive losses to profound loss that cannot be aided.  Some students do not use any hearing aids while others have one or two hearing aids and sometimes FM systems.  If needed, we provide a sign language interpreter.

Individual objectives may include understanding how the ears work and his/her hearing loss, compensating strategies such as speechreading, maintaining hearing aids and FM equipment, strengthening auditory memory, following auditory directions, improving letter to sound correlation, self-advocacy, and more!  Academically, the hearing support teacher can support academic areas by pre-teaching or re-teaching vocabulary and concepts and work in the classroom (“push-in”) or individually with the student (“pull out”).

Accommodations may include: preferential seating, flexibility to move seats, extended time on tests and assignments, directions read or repeated, reduction of background noise, notetakers, etc.

Parent or teacher requests help through our referral form which is authorized through LE/SS.
Hearing support teacher observes student in the classroom and collects data, including medical information, from teachers and parents.  

Hearing support teacher consults with staff on ways they can best support the student in the mainstream setting.

If more testing is deemed necessary, hearing support teacher will get Permission to Evaluate signed by parents.

Testing includes surveys and checklists, observations, gathering background/ educational history of student, and some formal tests to determine expressive and receptive language.
Hearing Support teacher completes the Evaluation Report and holds a meeting with the IEP team, including parents.
If an education need is found, team will create an IEP with goals and accommodations. If a need is not determined, hearing support teacher may recommend a 504 Plan which would grant accommodations for the student in the regular education setting, and/or agree to continue consultation with staff as needed.
  Mrs. Amy Lawrence  District Wide  272-8465