General Information


The State College Area School District has proudly employed the practice of Integrated Pest Management since 1997. IPM emphasizes prevention over remediation. Also, this approach is based on the logic that each pest problem will be thoughtfully evaluated and a "least toxic" method be selected to manage the problem and protect the safety of staff and students.
Based on the requirements of Act 35 and Act 36 of 2002 the Board of School Directors has adopted an Integrated Pest Management policy, and the district has developed an Integrated Pest Management plan. The policy is at the bottom of this page. The plan is housed and maintained in the Physical Plant office at 131 West Nittany Ave. If you have any questions or would like to view the plan call 814-231-1026.
In general the legislation and the plan require the district to notify staff and parents at least 72 hours prior to the application of any pesticides. Additionally the district is required to post the area 72 hour prior to and 48 hours after any applications. The district will also be required to keep these areas unoccupied for 7 hours after any application. There are special provisions for emergency applications.
More information on the state legislation is available at: