Attachments related to Booster clubs and PIAA

State College Area School District
Policy 707. Use of School Facilities
Attachment B
Interscholastic athletic booster clubs are permitted the use of State College Area School District facilities with Class A privileges for the following purposes:
1. To hold regular and special club meetings to conduct business.
2. To operate a concession stand at interscholastic athletic competitions of their sports team.
3. To stage open gyms for SCASD interscholastic athletes under the supervision of the coaching staff during their sport's off- season.
4. To sponsor one fund raising clinic/competition/activity per year.
Attachment C
The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association will be classified as follows:
1. Class A for the purpose of P.I.A.A. officials' meetings.
2. Class C for the purpose of staging P.I.A.A. post season tournament events.