Meeting Agenda/Notes - March 22, 2018

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March 22, 2018 Board Communications Committee Meeting
11:45 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.      Call to Order

II.     Families
            A. Student Day Update: Parent/Guardian Information Sessions at Each School Discussion)                  (attachment)
            B. Kindergarten Registration Drive (Informational)
                    Winter Olympic Commercials 
                     Facebook and Google Ads      

III.    Community
            A. Charter School Information Website Page (Discussion) 
            B. Flyer for High School Open House - April 7, 2018  (Informational) (attachment)
            C. Annual Report Update/Feedback

IV.     Board Communications
            A. Board Social Media (FB protocols)
            B. Community Coffees

V.       Public Comment

VI.     Future Agenda Items

VII.    Adjournment


March 22, 2018 Board Communications Committee Meeting Notes
11:45 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801

I.        Call to Order
Ms. Concepcion called the Board Communications Committee Meeting to order at 11:53 a.m. since Mr. Leous was running a little late.

Present: Committee Members: Lori Bedell, Amber Concepcion, Jim Leous (arrived 11:55 a.m.), Laurel Zydney
Others: Amy Bader, Vernon Bock (arrived 12:02 p.m.), Gretchen Brandt, Randy Brown, Mary Jenn Dorman, Dan Duffy, Nabil Mark, Robert O’Donnell, Chris Rosenblum, Will Stout
Guest: Tami Nowacki
A copy of all materials distributed to committee members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.       Families
Ms. Concepcion noted they would start with Item B - Kindergarten Registration Drive since this was a verbal informational report. Mr. Mark spoke on the commercials aired during the Olympics. He heard from Kristie Strochstein that she received many comments on the commercial. Mr. Mark referenced the facebook advertising and noted he is getting feed constantly. With Google ads, he picked specific targets, and showed where our school add comes up on other pages. In both places, facebook and google, the cost is per click. We do not pay for them to just see, but if they click, they are interested so it is worth it. These are running through April 11 and this has never been done before. Discussion occurred around various points of registration and outcomes were: Registration at buildings gives parents opportunity to meet principals; it is also easier for parents; will look for name recognition for success of ads; the translate button on top of page should be prominent on the page; the translate button is on every page of the website; and last day of Registration in buildings is April 11 since Lemont had to be rescheduled.

Student Day Update
Mr. Bock noted there were a lot of moving parts, especially in elementary. Most of the work this year has been done on Student Day, schedule of specials, projected ten positions but coming in at 7.5, and thanked Mr. Wynkoop and Ms. Colangelo for working on things to fall into place. They will work with the communications team for an ongoing effort to update FAQs and noted some issues have been resolved. Very few principals have received questions from parents but Mr. Bock has received some regarding 1⁄2 day Kindergarten. They will be communicating the times for the day from drop-off, what the school day looks like, and pick-up. Mr. Stout added they did a lot of work on the front end, seeing students scheduled, offer opportunities for folks to ask questions,  and can work with counselors on the back-end if something needs changed. They are also looking at Middle Schools to align with the High School due to being two-minutes longer. The High School will have one dismissal instead of two, and the Middle Schools will also. Park Forest will be the most difficult but they are hoping to do. Information will be pushed out ahead of time, a link might be best for people to watch when they can.

Mr. Bock spoke on the outcome of Kindergarten, especially 1⁄2 day and explained there is not a specific site to take kids to; students will go to their school; academics will be scheduled in the morning (writing, reading and math) due to principals feeling strongly about this; and home school students could come for art. Mr. Bock again noted all the moving parts, sleep studies, understanding this being more challenging for some families than others, and meeting with the music coordinator and teachers to discuss music. There will be parent/guardian information sessions at each school for questions regarding any and every part of the student day.

III.      Community
Charter School Information Website Page
Dr. O’Donnell noted we want people to make informed choices, families are doing a lot online prior to coming here, and want to share facts to entice people to come to our schools to take a look. We do want our webpage to be welcoming and at the same time, note that the District Board has no oversight over the Charter Schools, resources at the District are not at charter schools, and they are NOT part of the District. He noted the difference of years of our teacher’s experience compared to charter school teachers, and would like to educate the community. The Communications team would like to see this be a page to attract people to the District showing the number of activities we offer, including intramurals. Committee member noted the paragraph regarding the Board needed some refinement. It was noted changes would be made and anyone having something to be changed or added can send to Mr. Leous and communications team, looking for good facts and/or issues, refinements will be done, sent out to committee to review, and will check on at the next meeting.

Flyer for High School Open House - April 7, 2018
Mr. Mark noted that a High School Spanish teacher took the picture and then he designed the flyer. The Open House is Saturday, April 7, from 10:00 a.m to 12:00 noon. Mr. Leous spoke about a professional photographer at PSU who would like to do a gallery of things to promote the event. He gave us an archive of some of his pictures. Committee members spoke on the day, individual invites, talking points, and refreshments in the cafeteria.

Annual Report Update/Feedback
Mr. Rosenblum thanked committee members for their comments, suggestions and clarifying information for the Annual Report at the last meeting. He shared where bundles of the Annual Report have gone, looking to place on PSU Campus, and other places around town. Suggestions made were: PSU Visitor’s Center, the Airport and on the Website as a pdf. Mr. Leous noted it looked really good.

IV.       Board Communications
Board Social Media
The Board Facebook page is up, spoke on interacting on threads, will delete spam, questions to all board - response can be feel free to send and email to each board member, and Mr. Leous, Ms. Concepcion and Mr. Mark can populate the post. An outsider cannot start something, can only respond. Ms. Concepcion asked what should be posted and responses were: The Open House should go on, meeting notices, agendas, upcoming meetings, needs to be Board business and should be limited to things done in the role as a Board Member. Mr. Mark noted to use as a tool for community engagement from their platform.

Community Coffees
Ms. Concepcion asked what the frequency should be for these - every other month or every month and time of day. Possibly do morning, afternoon and evening. For next year, they could come up with a schedule. They discussed places to hold the coffees and Dr. O’Donnell noted he would be willing to participate. These could also go on the Board Facebook page.

V.        Public Comment
Tami Nowacki commented on the following items:
          ●Amy and Amber are good about promoting the District.
          ●There are many parent Facebook groups, one for each school.
          ●The ½ day Kindergarten and happy to hear about being flexible, the specials, and
            whatever can be done to get parents involved and working with Principals.
         ● A PSU connection for incoming families, also for the District to make it easy for people to
            access the District. Regarding charter schools, she suggested showing the great things we
            have to compare with other schools and how charters spend their money. This District has
            great accommodations.
         ●The student day affecting after school activities. People have to ask when looking at
           alternatives for our inside activities.
         ●Ask if principals could come to the Community Coffees and the response was they will be
           only with Board Members.

VI.       Future Agenda Items
         ●Mr. Leous noted he would put the photographer in touch with Mr. Rosenblum and Mr.
           Mark. He asked for the rest of the Board to receive the High School flyer.
         ●The Dashboard will be shared next month either here or with CCL.
         ●Discuss Committee Chair.

VII.      Adjournment
Mr. Leous ended the Board Communications Committee Meeting at 2:06 p.m.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary