Meeting Agenda/Notes - April 26, 2018

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 State College Area School District


April 26, 2018 Board Communications Committee Meeting
11:45 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.     Call to Order

II.    Reflect on High School Open House

III.  Strategic Plan Survey Review

        Parent (attachment)

        Teacher (attachment)

        Elementary Student (attachment)

        Secondary Student (attachment)
IV.   Public Comment

V.     Future Agenda Items

VI.   Adjournment


April 26, 2018 Board Communications Committee Meeting 
11:45 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA  16801

I.        Call to Order
Mr. Leous called the Board Communications Committee Meeting to order at 11:55 a.m.

Present: Committee Members: Lori Bedell, Amber Concepcion, Jim Leous, Laurel Zydney
Others:  Amy Bader, Randy Brown, Nabil Mark, Mary Kay Montovino, Robert O’Donnell, Chris Rosenblum
Guests: Ed Fuller, Tami Nowacki

A copy of  all materials distributed to committee members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

Announcements:  Dr. O’Donnell started the meeting with the following announcements:  

  • LifeLink graduation is this evening at the HUB, Alumni Hall, 5:00 p.m., with five students graduating. Board members are welcome to attend. Students present a speech and videos.  Photos will be taken during the event.
  • Update on the number of non-gender restrooms available at the high school, currently five (5) -- two in Pod A, one in Pod B, one in Pod C and one in Pod D as well as one in the Cafeteria; the nurses office is not included in these numbers although they are available for student use.  It is a step forward regarding this issue. Students felt like they had a voice; communications were successful with parent representatives.
  • Mr. Leous added an adjustment to the agenda: discussion item regarding communications committee chair.

II.       Reflect on High School Open House
The High School Open House was Saturday, April 7. Congratulations are in order, it was well done, had a very good turnout; and suggest reflection for future events. Mr. Rosenblum shared that judging from the steady stream of people, at least 2,000-3,000 attended right up to the end.  Administration would like to offer another Open House in the fall, as there will be additional work completed over the summer. Mr. Mark noted that people with a varied range of ages attended. Further discussion included personal tours vs. roaming around; having people placed strategically; many were interested in some of the classrooms that were not open; more teachers participate for the next one and envision teachers standing outside their classrooms inviting people in.

III.      Strategic Plan Survey Review
Committee members discussed the length of the survey as well as specific questions. Dr. Fuller reported there had already been sample survey takers whose feedback will be incorporated in the final versions. Committee members were informed the comments on student and teacher surveys should be assembled in the next week and will go out within the next week.  Ideally, there should be a set time when everyone is going to take the survey. Committee members questioned how parents with multiple students would complete the survey. Dr. O’Donnell suggested looking at groups of students with a relationship with a teacher, i.e. Ag kids would typically not be in a focus group, focus group piece, be able to identify these groups, Committee member suggests student led focus groups.  It was suggested to add a statement at the end “Periodically throughout the year, we like to talk with people about issues, would you be willing to sit down with us…”

Results back to Committee:  Dr. Fuller explained the need to finalize the survey in the next 10 days, get it out, and is hoping to have the student and teacher straight percentages by the end of May, with no analysis.  He commended administration and Board members for doing this survey and will make arrangements for the Committee to review.

IV.       Chair Discussion
Ms. Zydney noted she would be interested in chairing the Communications Committee.  Mr. Leous responded that he would be willing to finish out the year and make the change in December, during reorganization.  Discussed: The Communication Committee will be meeting on a regular basis with everything coming up; how this committee is defined; where communications is embedded in other committees; and was suggested that somebody from the communication committee should be on all other committees.  Chair of the communication committee needs to be able to prioritize.

Dr. O’Donnell agreed the district needs to do better with communications.  Committee members mentioned issues which have been addressed by the district community as well as opportunities for improvement, both immediate and long term.

V.        Public Comment
Ms. Nowacki spoke on the committee receiving comments regarding high school restroom situation and should be ensured they are ADA compliant and accessible; Open House suggestion made to showcase programs and what these programs are; sell food at the Cafeteria and sell State College items, such as T-Shirts, etc.; send survey to “Parent of ..” enables parent to fill out for each student; have K-2 students fill out with a parent, work together; important for everyone to feel invested and have a voice; and suggested having the Open House again.

VI.       Future Agenda Items

  • Review the Communications Checklist
  • Plan ahead for what is upcoming, what we want to do to start the year
  • Discussion about Board coffees to be scheduled in the next few weeks and on a regular  basis, suggested location, Panorama Village Administrative Center, parking is available.
  • Update the chart of who to contact when a parent has an issue

VII.       Adjournment
Mr. Leous adjourned the Communications Committee meeting at 1:39 p.m. and noted the next meeting is May 24, 2018.

Submitted by,

Mary Kay Montovino
Acting Board Secretary