Meeting Agenda/Notes June 25, 2019

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June 25, 2019 Board Communications Committee Meeting
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center 240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801


  1. Call to Order
  2. C-Net Annual Update (Cindy Hahn)

  3. 2019 School Grand Openings/Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies (attachment)
  4. Public Comment
    Each individual will be limited to comments of three (3) minutes as time permits for items on this agenda or related to Board business.
  5. Future Agenda Items
  6. Adjournment

June 25, 2019 Board Communications Committee Meeting Notes
11:30 a.m. - Meeting Room A
Panorama Village Administrative Center
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801


I.     Call to Order
Mr. Leous called the called the Board Communications Committee meeting to order at 11:34 a.m. and turned the discussion over to Ms. Cindy Hahn, Executive Director of C-NET.

Committee Members Present: Lori Bedell, Amber Concepcion, Jim Leous
Absent: Laurel Zydney
Others: Randy Brown, Nabil Mark, Bob O’Donnell, Chris Rosenblum, Lynn Tressler
Guest: Cindy Hahn

A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.    C-NET Annual Update
Cindy Hahn provided an update on C-NET’s activity for 2018. Ms. Hahn noted that 460 programs were produced by C-NET staff during the second year of their strategic planning cycle. The process to renew the franchise with Comcast continued throughout 2018. Negotiations between the Centre Area Cable Consortium are proceeding. Renewal is essential to C-NET’s financial stability. School District programming for 2018 included 42 sponsored programs and 48 bulletin board messages which equates to a 46.8 total program value. The district sponsored 9.3% of all programming by C-NET members in 2018—a decrease from 10.7% in 2017 due to a new member addition. Ms. Hahn noted the District’s Board of School Directors meetings are televised live on C-NET Channel 98 (Comcast and Windstream Cable systems) with additional airings throughout the week. Programs are also available on-demand at and via Roku. The average number of online views were 123.4 with a median view of 110. The 2018 Commencement Ceremony garnered 667 views on and 1,998 on YouTube. Community feedback indicates appreciation for C-NET’s services, which makes up for the lack of local news coverage in the area. Viewers are also able to watch the coverage in its entirety. Discussion surrounded closed captioning which would be an extra fee to include this service.

III.   2019 School Grand Openings/Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
Chris Rosenblum provided an update on the planning process for the 2019 School grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies. Confirmed dates are:

  1. Spring Creek Elementary School - Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  2. Corl Street Elementary School - Tuesday, October 1, 2019
  3. State High – Saturday, October 12, 2019
  4. Delta – Saturday, October 12, 2019
  5. Radio Park Elementary School - Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Dr. O’Donnell advised the administrative team met with the three elementary principals and separately with Delta and high school administrators to brainstorm ideas and begin planning. He discussed program consistency for the elementary schools. Nabil Mark advised that the elementary school ceremonies will be held from 2 to 2:45 p.m., followed by dismissal and a break to allow custodians to clean and prepare for the public. Open houses will take place during after school hours (tentative time frame 6 - 7:30 p.m.). It is recommended that CEEL activities be cancelled at all three locations.

The High School ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on October 12 at 9:00 am at the Success HUB with a program to follow at 9:30 a.m. in the auditorium. The Delta Program will have its own grand opening on a day that has not yet been identified. However, tours will occur simultaneously at the high school and the Delta Program during the October 12 open house from 10:00-12:00 noon. The news media will be invited for a pre-open house and press conference to allow for advanced taping and interviews with district personnel. The committee identified key legislative officials as guest speakers. Local government, community, and district stakeholders will also be invited. The committee discussed mini performances throughout the open house by musical, theatre arts, and athletic groups. Classrooms will be identified for viewing and staffed. The Roar Store will be open to the public. Contractors will be invited to attend all ceremonies to answer questions. The Board Communications Committee will continue discussions with involved parties to develop a program and plan of action.

(Dr. O’Donnell left the meeting at 1:05 p.m.)

IV.    Public Comment
There was no public comment.

V.     Future Agenda Items
--Grand Openings/Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
--Board Coffees/Meet ‘n Greet Schedule with the Community

VI.    Adjournment
Mr. Leous adjourned the Board Communications Committee meeting at 1:08 p.m.

Submitted by,

Lynn Tressler
Board Secretary