Meeting Agenda/Notes - May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016 Communications Committee Meeting
11:30 a.m. - Central Office, Meeting Room (Second Floor)
131 Nittany Avenue
State College, PA 16801

I.       Call to Order

II.     District-Wide Facility Master Plan Next Steps
            A. Focus - Elementary Update
                  a. Master Planning Process to Date
                  b. Actions based upon Process
                        i.   Grant Submission
                        ii.  Preliminary DWFMP Update for PDE (attachment)
                        iii. PlanCon A & B Submission
                                1. Houserville/Lemont; Radio Park; Corl St.
                  c. Feedback on Options
                        i.   Size of Schools/Capacity
                        ii.  Attendance Areas
                                 1. Summer - Board process
                                 2. Fall - public input
                  d. Next Steps
                        i.   Proposed Calendar
                        ii.  Outreach Effort
                                 1. Consider CEAT idea
                                 2. Website Update
                                 3. Social Media
                                       a. Video Development
                                 4. Municipalities
                                 5. District Community
                                       a. Staff/Faculty
                                       b. PTO

III.     Future Agenda Items

IV.     Public Comment

V.      Adjournment

May 3, 2016 Communications Committee Meeting Notes
11:30 a.m. - Central Office, Meeting Room (Second Floor)
131 Nittany Avenue
State College, PA 16801

I.    Call to Order

Mr. Leous called the meeting of the Board Communications Committee to order at 11:36 a.m.

Present: Randy Brown, Amber Concepcion, Mary Jenn Dorman, Penni Fishbaine, Cindy Hahn, Jessie Harder, Jim Leous, Mary Kay Montovino, Kevin Nestor, Bob O’Donnell, Rob Pillar, Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum, Wilda Stanfield, Jeff Straub, Laurel Zydney

A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

Mr. Rosenblum showed the final version of the Annual Report to be distributed and Mr. Leous thanked Mr. Rosenblum noting it was very good and turned out much better than expected.

II.    District-Wide Facility Master Plan Next Steps
Mr. Poprik introduced the potential project team:
   ● Rob Pillar - new to CRA but was with Burt Hill and worked on EP, GW and PFE. Mr. Pillar will participate in lessons learned exercises.
   ● Jessie Harder and Jeff Straub - will be with us in the potential next phase
   ● Kevin Nestor - With Massaro and potential construction manager

Focus - Elementary Update
Mr. Poprik shared thoughts for moving forward on what is currently called the District-Wide Facilities Master Plan (DWFMP) Update. However, looking toward the Communications effort with only one month to summer, the focus is on an Elementary Update to the DWFMP. All inhouse people feel very much attuned to what is going on, but the community is not. They could set a higher expectation for all - high school, athletic fields, etc. Would like to call it the Elementary School Update to DWFMP to get the right feedback for what we are looking for.

Because of the necessity to submit PlanCon prior to the moratorium, we are looking at maximum projects in all locations that would be in excess of the elementary program. This is just a placeholder and then we can remove from that. The Board can withdraw things after May 15 but cannot add after that date.

Master Planning Process to Date
Mr. Straub provided a PowerPoint Presentation with a District Overview, the Schedule, Options and Moving Forward. What will be shown will look defined but we are just at the beginning of the two-week and four-month process. He reviewed the boundaries, attendance area component, a demographic study with DecisionInsite using GIS System. He reviewed the proposed design
schedule, focusing on the next four-months.

Actions based upon Process:
Grant Submission was done and we have not heard back yet if approved. Mr. Brown is calling every three days to check on the status. Project needs to be near completion in June 2018.
Preliminary DWFMP Update for PDE:
PlanCon A & B Submission must be submitted by May 15, 2016 and the projects need to be in construction by June/July of 2019. We will be submitting PlanCon A for the following - Houserville/Lemont, Radio Park, and Corl St. Mr. Straub reviewed the DWFMP schedule from May 3 to May 15 submission, noted that Part A is only for project justification. Could do an add, renovation, or all new and at this time, not sure what we will be doing. Things need to be set by Part D for an Act 34 Hearing in the fall. He reviewed all PlanCon Parts and what each stands for in the project process.

Feedback on Options - Size of Schools/Capacity
Mr. Straub showed that each school had four options and the options are not set in stone, noting there are really eight options to capture all the possibilities. Discussion occurred: This being part of the High School update, the schematic design process with Parts A and B, the reimbursement of $2.2 to $2.4 million dollars, Radio Park and land available if want to build new, and a submission for Corl Street elementary building.

      Radio Park - reviewed existing and addition, showed entrance, layout of classrooms, commons space, separate cafeteria, gymnasium, library, reorganizing site in front for bus and parent drop off to be separate, there being enough of land to do new construction project here, and should not interfere with the bus terminal. Committee members discussed: phasing, still securing building with after hours activities, knowing a cost comparison for renovation / add / new but not until September/October, and feedback is fine but there will be no decision making in May.

      Houserville - has a very similar layout as Radio Park, Radio Park for 500 students (four classrooms for each grade) and Houserville has 300 students (three classrooms for each grade). Committee members discussed: The same design for each space, new could be identical, meeting the schedule and using add/renovation, can step back and have something simple, and showing what is going in with PlanCon submission. Committee members suggested using something that would clearly be a placeholder instead of using these as a placeholder. With receiving the grants, any requirement for doing something different, and Mr. Straub responded that the grants are just concerned about the project being LEED Gold, and noted there is more land available at this location for new construction.

      Corl Street - there are two classroom for each grade, reviewed layout, a very tight site, may take library off the front for more parking, Corl Street only needs to meet PDE requirement not LEED Gold and no grant. Lessons Learned folks will be meeting with faculty/staff on the floor plan for each school for what works well and not well.

Attendance Areas
Committee members discussed: Radio Park being larger due to new housing development in that area, looking toward the future, looking at demographics in other areas also, these being the right areas for larger schools, with Grants we are looking at a compressed schedule - near completion by June 2018, no Grants then projects must be started by June 2019 for PDE reimbursement, and now having two dates to work with. The attention to this for May and June, need to think about community engagement, will hear community input and have much community involvement in September/October, there being time for faculty input, the DeJong process and spurring table conversation, everybody gets something, the amount of the maximum cost of the project, can always take away, and an Act 34 Hearing and the design being in order due to the 8% allowed overage.

Next Steps
The role for outreach - Communication

Administrators meeting with PTOs and having faculty and staff meetings in the mornings so people are aware we are going through this process for elementary updates. They should know for the options about the Grants up to 10% and PlanCon reimbursement of $2.2 to $2.4 million. We need to stay to the process until we get options and needs; no decision must be made yet. The demographic information will show our need and the attendance areas will show the process. We need to prioritize spaces for our options and constraints, and a separate gym is priority. Need to mock up a message so all give the same information/message, have a month-by-month project calendar, and see what is going on and what can be attended. Committee members discussed: When we will find out about Grants, having a range for the cost of the projects instead of a specific number, Board needs to decide if they would like a community committee, possible other ramifications for the money spent on these, be in touch with municipalities and can attend their meetings, and a draft communications can be worked on at the next meeting.

It was decided this process would be named Elementary School Planning - Houserville, Lemont, Radio Park and Corl Street. This is Phase III of the 2009 DWFMP. Further discussed: Letter going out to elementary school families in immediate future, there could be two different letters, can do a release through the Board meeting and CDT coverage, will be invited to PTO meetings at respective schools, send email to all SCASD employees, posting can be placed on the website and with the new name could direct to another page, and in the fall there could be information on the tables at back to school nights. By then, there will be more information. Video Development is something we could look to more in the fall since there is nothing for people to respond to at this time.

Ill.    Future Agenda Items
Hardhat construction tour was suggested to Ed and he responded it is not a good idea right now but will do this in the late fall. Need to have key talking points, plan what will be said, Mr. Rosenblum and Mr. Poprik can start a Google doc for process, focus and why. Administration will send to Mr. Leous and he can forward to committee members. Will do a release for Monday, duplicate to
all-scasd and send to school families from the principals.

Strategic Planning Survey going out again. K - 12 insight ongoing communication/surveying Mr. Rosenblum suggested a guide that can be digested easily, the why/what/where/etc. and can also post online. Committee member suggested a half page flyer to go home with kids for meetings in schools.

IV.    Public Comment
Ms. Hahn spoke on being a “big arm” of our communication process. They would be happy to tape brief and concise comments for people to view on Facebook, etc. She offered assistance with anything that we might need.

V.    Adjournment
Mr. Leous adjourned the meeting of the Board Communications Committee at 1:15 p.m.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary