Meeting Agenda/Notes - June 14, 2016


June 14, 2016 Communications Committee Meeting

10:30 a.m. -  Meeting Room A - Panorama Village Bldg.

240 Villa Crest Drive

State College, PA  16801


I.    Call to Order


II.    District-Wide Facility Master Plan - Elementary Options

  • Forum Dates

    • June 16 at Mount Nittany Middle

    • July 18 at Ferguson Township Elementary

    • August 15 at Mount Nittany Elementary

    • September 19 - Location to be determined


  • CNET coverage 6/16 meeting

  • Review Communicating/advertising re: forums

    • CDT/Gazette ads

    • Website, Facebook, Twitter posts

    • Public Service Announcements on radio

    • All_SCASD email

    • email/letter to all parents


  • Review Forum Agenda (attachment to be added when completed)


  • Presentation (30 minutes)

    • Includes significant section from previous forums

    • School Finance 101

    • Summary of Comments from previous forums

  • Breakouts (30-45 minutes each, 5 minute break between)

    • What questions need to be answered/information provided in order for you to make decisions in this process?

    • Review of Options - Q&A   

  • Wrap-up (15 minutes)


  • Future Forum Topics:

            21st Century Learning/Layout in our Newer Schools; Why K-5 Schools?

Sustainability: LEED Gold Projects

Operational & Facility Cost Analysis

            Visual Listening Exercise

            Impacts on Attendance Zones


Ill.    Future Agenda Items


IV.     Public Comment


V.    Adjournment


June 14, 2016 Communications Committee Meeting Notes
10:30 a.m. Meeting - Room A Panorama Village Bldg.
240 Villa Crest Drive
State College, PA 16801

I.         Call to Order

Mr. Leous called the meeting of the Board Communications Committee to order at 10:41 a.m.

Present: Randy Brown, Amber Concepcion, Mary Jenn Dorman, Penni Fishbaine, Jim Leous, Mary Kay Montovino, Bob O’Donnell, Ed Poprik, Chris Rosenblum, Laurel Zydney

A copy of all materials distributed to board members for discussion is included with the official notes, unless otherwise indicated.

II.         DistrictWide
             Facility Master Plan Elementary Options

Dr. O’Donnell noted that Mr. Brown would review the PowerPoint presentation. Mr. Brown reported that most is the same as what has been shown at the first three meetings but some slides have been removed, so not quite as along. The eight options slide was removed and it was noted that the Options Layout did provide something for the public to look at. A committee member questioned if this is going to be referred to (District-Wide Facilities Master Plan) DWFMP Elementary Options or DWFMP Elementary
Focus? It needs to be consistent. It was decided to advertise as DWFMP Elementary Update.

Forum Dates and CNET Coverage
Mr. Brown reviewed the Forum Dates and all will begin at 7:00 p.m.:
         ● June 16 at Mount Nittany Middle School Cafeteria
         ● July 18 at Ferguson Township Elementary School
         ● August 15 at Mount Nittany Elementary School
         ● September 19 at a location to be determined
Mr. Brown noted CNET will cover the June 16 Community Forum and reviewed various means of communicating and advertising that will continue: emails to all families, Facebook, and send Mr. Leous and Ms. Concepcion’s editorial to all parents also.

The Forum Agenda Presentation
Mr. Brown reviewed the three meeting’s feedback and went through giving a brief explanation of each. There was a total of 443 comments and he numbered the feedback reviewed with frequency of each. Committee discussed that currently the feedback was listed alphabetically and would recommend in order of frequency, and not being any concern about construction process. He noted he would do a “School Finance 101” and reviewed what would be covered.

Committee members added suggestions:
         ● Should include the cost to the District for charter students There is no oversight on how the money is spent by the charters. Charters are not a District public school; it is a public school in the District with no supervision role over finance or curriculum. District is required to provide their transportation and no longer get any reimbursement.
         ● Act I Index should be explained.
         ● The process that the Board decides this, taking the entire District into account; and the public does not vote to decide. The Board needing to understand Act 34 Hearing. Mr. Poprik added that the Act 34 Hearing is for the following: Act 34 is to keep within a certain budget. A certain number is planned for the number of students for the project cost. A certain amount have the Hearing; another amount warrants a Referendum.
         ● A timeline for decision at the beginning
         ● The cost of Houserville and Radio Park each being in the range of $16 $19 million. The total allocated for projects is $40 million so we can not do everything.
         ● Dr. O’Donnell and/or Ms. Concepcion can start the Forum off.

Breakout Sessions
What questions need to be answered/information provided in order for you to make decisions in this process? Review of Options and Q&A

Committee Members discussed: The current programming, capital costs and operating cost of two or three schools, equitable experiences for all students, Borough regulations/constraints, need to see what the data shows, spoke on attendance areas, efficiency and staffing, most parents engaged in the community are from these schools, and the “right size” for the elementary schools. Once the breakout sessions are finished, there will be a wrap-up at the end to share what was discussed in each of the groups. This is still more of a feedback session and July could be more concrete with a timeline and information from the GIS if available by then. Childcare will be provided at each of the Forums.

Ill.         Future Agenda Items
Reviewed the Future Forum Topics to help with decision making:
         21st Century Learning/Layout in our Newer Schools; Why K-5 Schools?
         Sustainability: LEED Gold Projects
         Operational & Facility Cost Analysis
         Visual Listening Exercise
         Impacts on Attendance Zones

This committee decided to have a joint meeting with the CAC for Facilities and Grounds at their meeting on Wednesday, July 6, 2016. The meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. in Meeting Room A, Panorama Village Building.

Committee member noted that if board members attend a meeting and they are not a committee member, they will be a guest and should only speak during public comment. The committee meetings chould be run more formal and name plaques was advised for committee members.

IV.         Public Comment
There was no public comment.

V.          Adjournment
Mr. Leous adjourned the Board Communications Committee meeting at 11:45 a.m.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary