Booster Club Membership Now Open!


Well we all though last year was a challenge with Memorial Field construction but who saw this coming?

It's likely that memberships, sponsorships, and gifts will be our only fundraising opportunities this season due to the COVID 19 restrictions in place so PLEASE won't you join and contribute. Supporting the 100's of players, coaches, and managers is a big job and we REALLY need you help especially in these uncertain times. 

Please just follow the link below and GO STATE!


 NEW: State College Football Alumni/Supporter Registration

By registering as a State College Football Alumni/Supporter, you will receive program updates throughout the year and football events via email. We are starting this in an effort to stay more connected to our State College Football Alumni & Supporters and we hope to keep everyone informed of the program's progress throughout the year. Please help us by sharing this registration link with other SC Football Alums that you are in contact with.