A Message to our Athletes from our Athletic Directors



On Wednesday, 9/2, the SCASD Board of Directors approved the Athletic Department’s Fall Athletics Interim Plan. This plan allows our PIAA fall teams to begin their practices with sport specific Covid safety modifications. 

According to the MidPenn Conference, we are permitted to start our practices no earlier than Friday, 9/4.  However, we are reserving the right to adjust that date to best assure all coaches and athletes are aware of the safety modifications and protocols.  This may be made on a team by team basis depending on coaches discretion.  

Now is the time to confirm that all information is in on the PRIVIT platform for your student-athlete. We will be working with our trainers to make sure they are approving student-athletes for practices. Without approval in the system, student-athletes cannot begin practicing. 

Students who are remote on a given day ARE permitted to practice. Their families are responsible for transportation to and from practice, which aligns with policies regarding home schooled or charter students in the district.

In the near future, coaches will schedule an introductory zoom meeting for parents and student-athletes, and during that meeting we will review in detail the Covid-19 Protocols and guidelines that are part of the interim fall sports plan.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during the start to this year. Please feel free to email any questions to the athletic department at statead@scasd.org, or call our office at 231-1143.

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