May 31, 2011 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda
Centre County Tax Collection Committee (CCTCC) May 31, 2011 7:00 p.m.
Bellefonte Area High School Library

I.     Call to Order

II.    Roll Call – Determination of Quorum

III.   Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes from January 31, 2011 meeting

IV.    Report from Committee Chairperson

V.     Financial Report

        A. Motion to accept the financial report as presented.

VI.    CCTCC Financial Records 2010

        A. Motion to accept 2010 Audit of CCTCC financial records.

VII.   Act 32 Webinar - PASBO

        A. Motion to approve participation in PASBO webinar regarding lessons learned from          early adopters of Act 32.
            i. June 9, 2011 – State College Borough has agreed to host webinar. TCC                             members   are asked to contact Kim Wyatt, TCC Secretary if planning to attend.                 Cost $100 to TCC. No cost to members.

VIII.   New Earned Income Tax Enactments to Conform to Act 32

        A. Motion to approve purchase of Tax Enactments to Conform to Act 32 in the                        amount of $750 (see attachment).