January 31, 2011 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda
Centre County Tax Collection Committee (CCTCC)
January 31, 2011 7:00 p.m.
Bellefonte Area High School Library

I.Call to Order

II.Roll Call – Determination of Quorum

III.Re-Organization - 2011

  A.Election of Officers – Solicitor

  B.Appointment of Solicitor
      i.Motion to appoint the firm of Campbell Miller Williams Benson Etter & Consiglio, Inc as Solicitor for the CCTCC for 2011

  C.Appointment of Tax Appeal Board members
      i.Motion to appoint the following Tax Appeal Board members for 2011: William MacMath; Thomas Rodkey; Robert Long
       Alternates: David VanBuskirk; Patrick Leary

  D.Appointment of financial institution
    i.Motion to appoint Citizens Bank as the financial institution for the CCTCC for 2011

IV.Approval of Minutes
    Minutes from November 4, 2010 meeting

V.Report from Committee Chairperson

VI.Budget for 2011
      i.Motion to approve the 2011 Budget for the TCC as presented.

VII.Financial Report

    A.Motion to accept the financial report as presented.

VIII.Old Business

    A.Resolution to approve Tax Collection Agreement - Solicitor
      i.Motion to approve the Resolution regarding Tax Collection Agreement between the Centre County Tax Collection
       Committee and the appointed collector, State College Borough, as presented.

    B.Report from State College Borough regarding transition with political subdivisions implementing in 2011 and looking to 2012

IX.Other Business – Discussion Items

    A.Appointment of TCC Representatives and Notification to the TCC for the 2011 calendar year.

    B.Statement of Financial Interest Forms.

    C.2011 Regular Meeting Schedule – to be determined.

    D.2010 Audit of CCTCC financial records.

X.Public Comment