Meeting Minutes Oct. 28, 2009

Centre County Tax Collection Committee
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
7:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order
TheWednesday, October 28, 2009 meeting of the Centre County Tax CollectionCommittee (CCTCC) was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Randy Brown,CCTCC Chair, in the Bellefonte High School Library. He led the group inthe Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll Call
Voting delegates andvoting alternates: John Gribble, Ralph Stewart, Sharon Royer, SherryRobinson, Norma Crater, Gale Marshall, Adam Brumbaugh, Robert Long,Mary Wilson, Eric Endresen, Donna Miller, Patrick Leary, Karen Brown,Amy Smith, Amy Farkas, Irvin Hoy, R. Thomas Rodkey, Brian McCauley,Ellie Trulick, Barry Bennett, George Newman, Tammy Myers, ThomasStrebel, Warren Sasserman, Jefrey Wall, Kelly Fogleman, John Fogleman,Thomas Sharer, Brenda Hile, George Haynes, William MacMath, ThomasFountaine, Tom Kurtz, C. Rochelle Dubbs, Linda Fisher, Leah Burd, andRonald Burd,

The non-delegate attendees included:
LindaCaswell, Jennie Kitchener, Linda Welker, Jacqui Fuge, MichelleRichards, Jacqueline Benshoof, and Jason Meeker. Others: Jim Kennedy,and Tina McCauley.

Mr. Brown reported that attendance at allmeetings will be taken by sign-in. Mr. Brown asked those representingmore than 1 municipality or school district to sign in on the linebeside each taxing body represented. (A copy of the sign in sheet isattached)

III. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of theSeptember 30, 2009 organizational meeting were approved unanimously ona motion by William MacMath, Spring Township, and a second by Jef Wall,Penns Valley School District.

IV. Executive Committee Report
Mr.Brown reported the Executive Committee has met and discussed futuredates, meeting locations, agendas, etc. He said the committee proposesfuture meetings be in the Bellefonte High School Library unless thewhole group votes otherwise. He commented that future agenda items willinclude presentations on tax collection bureaus, municipal or schooldistrict tax collectors, third-party collection and by-laws
committeereports. Mr. Brown also reported that there would be opportunities forinterested committee members to serve on subcommittees that may beestablished by the CCTCC and appointed by the Executive Committee.

Mr.Brown reported that the State College Area School District has createda website at as a central location forcollection of information regarding the CCTCC. He said the site willinclude a copy of the law (Act 32), meeting minutes, etc.
BrianMarshall, an attorney from Miller Kistler Campbell, provided overviewof the purpose of Act 32 and the CCTCC, including the following:

•County-wide collection has been mandated by the state and the state hasset the basic rules. The only local options are how we set up the TCCand the county-wide system.
• The weighted vote requirement was setby the state to start the TCC and can be changed by the TCC (using theweighted vote initially to approve the change).
• The TCC cannotchange municipal or school tax rates. All it can do is set up thesystem to collect the taxes set by the Township, Borough and
School District governing Bodies.

TomRodkey, Huston Township, asked what was broken. Ken Bean, BellefonteArea School District and TCC Vice Chair responded that it was thestate’s goal to eliminate redundancy in collection costs and to makesure all taxes due were collected. Eric Endresen, Ferguson Township,said that he understands that statewide many dollars were leftuncollected. Barry Bennett, Miles Township, commented that the newsystem will leave more dollars uncollected in Centre County.

V. New Business

A. Appoint Open Records Officer
Upona motion by George Newman, Milesburg Borough, and a second by LindaFisher, Unionville Borough, Thomas Fountaine, State College Borough andCCTCC Secretary was unanimously appointed as CCTCC Open Records Officer.

B. Approve Interim Budget
Mr.Brown presented a proposed tentative budget through 12/31/2010 of$7,000 with costs allocated to each municipality using EIT revenue. Thebudget was approved unanimously upon a motion by Ralph Stewart,Bellefonte Borough, and a second by Linda Fisher, Unionville Borough.

EllieTrulick, Marion Township, asked why there was nothing in the budget topay CCTCC members for their time working on this activity. Mr. Brownsaid that this question could be considered by the By-Laws committee.

C. Appoint Solicitor
Upona motion by William MacMath, and a second by Tom Sharer, Brian Marshallof Miller, Kistler, Campbell was unanimously appointed as CCTCCSolicitor.

D. Appoint Financial Services Provider
Upon amotion by Jef Wall, and a second by Amy Farkas, Harris Township, StateCollege Borough was unanimously appointed as Financial Servicesprovider at no cost to the CCTCC.

E. Appoint Banking Service Institution
Uponmotion of Donna Miller, Gregg Township, and a second by Linda Fisher,Citizens Bank was unanimously appointed as Banking Services
institution for the TCC at no cost to the CCTCC.

F. Bylaws Committee Report
Mr. Bean reported on the first meeting of the Bylaws subcommittee on October 21... The committee members are
Amy Farkas – Harris Township
Jef Wall – Penns Valley ASD
John Gribble – Bald Eagle ASD
Mark Kunkle – Ferguson Township
Pat Leary – Gregg Township
Tom Kurtz – State College Borough
Ken Bean – Bellefonte ASD

Mr.Bean noted that the CCTCC bylaws have to be approved by April 15, 2010.He said the subcommittee hopes to find a middle ground between weightedvoting and a straight vote. The next meeting of the subcommittee is atnoon on November 4 at the Bellefonte Area School District office. Atthat time the subcommittee will begin working through the example andmodel bylaws on a section-by-section basis.
Ms. Farkas said the subcommittee understands importance of hybrid of voting and that all members count.

VI. Other Business
Mr.Brown noted there would be a webcast on county-wide tax collection onNovember 19 from 9:00 to 11:45am. He said he has registered the CCTCCfor the event and all members were welcome at the Ferguson TownshipBuilding where the Centre County site for the webinar would be set up.Mr. Leary requested evening times for such webinars sincerepresentatives from some smaller municipalities have other employmentduring the day.

Tom Sharer, Potter Township, said the mainconcern of the municipalities was losing control of collections, thatevery municipality should have a say and the collection costs must bereasonable. He said the task of the CCTCC was difficult. Mr. Brownnoted that school districts and municipalities share the concern aboutcost control.

Mr. Leary said the law permits the distribution ofcosts proportionately to the amounts collected in each school districtand municipality.

Mr. Sasserman, Penn Township, commented thatcounty-wide collection will lose the personal contact and resultantclose tracking of collections in the smaller municipalities.

Mr.Newman asked when the municipalities and school districts would beasked to pay their shares of the $7,000 budget adopted earlier in themeeting. Mr. Brown said that had not yet been determined.

VII. Public comment
There were no comments from the public.

VIII. Future Meeting Date
Aftersome discussion about alternatives, the next meeting was scheduled forDecember 10, 2009, in the Bellefonte High School Library beginning at7:00 PM.
The Executive committee will poll the CCTCC delegates to determine the best meeting date in January.
At7:48 pm, upon motion by Norma Crater, Centre Hall Borough and a secondby Tammy Myers, Millheim Borough, the CCTCC voted unanimously toadjourn.

Payment of and reimbursement of contributions by theState College Area School District, Bellefonte Area School District andthe Borough of State College for the Centre County Tax CollectionCommittee

The Centre County Tax Collection Committee (CCTCC)delegates duly appointed by the State College Area School District, theBellefonte Area School District and the Borough of State College agreethat the said school districts and municipality will contribute theirproportionate share of the interim budget as approved by the CCTCC onOctober 28, 2009, to fund expenses for the CCTCC until a future pointat which additional funds are needed for the operation of the CCTCC. Atsuch time, a revised budget shall be approved, if necessary.Thereafter, the remaining member school districts and municipalities ofthe CCTCC shall promptly contribute their proportionate share of thefunds required by the interim budget approved by the CCTCC on October28, 2009, and/or any revised budget passed subsequent to that date.

Further,at such time, a reconciliation shall be completed for operation of theCCTCC to that point in time, and the initial contributions of the StateCollege Area School District, the Bellefonte Area School District andthe Borough of State College will be reconciled with the proportionateshare for those organizations against their respective requiredcontributions under any revised budged passed subsequent to October 28,2009, with State College Area School District, the Bellefonte AreaSchool District and the Borough of State College receiving any refunddue, or promptly making any additional contribution necessary, as thecase may be.

Randy L. Brown

Attached: Consolidation of Earned Income Tax Collection
Tax Collection: Bureau, Third Party, or In House Collector