Meeting Minutes Sept. 30, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 – 3rd Floor – Courthouse Annex – 7:00 PM

The organizational meeting of the Act 32 Tax Collection District for Centre County was held
on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at the Courthouse Annex (3rd Floor) , Bellefonte, PA.

The meeting was attended by the following delegates: John Gribble, Kenneth Bean, Jr.,
Ralph Stewart, Don Holderman, Sharon Royer, Sherry Robinson, Norma Crater, Gale Marshall,
Adam Brumbaugh, Bob Long, Mary E. Wilson, Mark Kunkle, Eric Endresen, Donna Miller, Pat
Leary, Daryl Schafer, Karen Brown, Amy Smith, Amy Farkas, Irv Hoy, Sherry Falls, David Etters,
Tom Rodkey, Ellie Trulick, Barry Bennett, George Newman, Tammy Myers, Thomas Strebel,
Douglas Erickson, Kim Wyatt, Warren Sasserman, Robert Fox, Dean A. Smith, Jef Wal, Brian
Griffith, Kelly Fogelman, John Fogelman, Thomas Sharer, Brenda Hile, George Haynes, William
MacMath, Korena DeFurio, Tom Fountaine, Michael Groff, Randy Brown, Jeff Ammerman, C.
Rochelle Dubbs, Leah Burd, Ronald Burd, and Tom Rodkey. The non‐delegate attendees
included: Jon W. Eich, Kimberly C. Smeltzer, Nichole Schlegel, Brian Marshall, Linda Caswell,
Jennie Kitchener, Larry Hilands, Linda Welker, Jacqui Fuge, Rod Burd, and Jason Meeker. Sign
in sheets are attached to the minutes on file.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mr. Eich.


2.‐‐ MR. EICH asked at this time if any member of the public would like to comment on any
agenda items. There were no comments.

3. ‐‐ INTRODUCTION of all attendees at this time.

4.‐‐ QUORUM – Act 32 mandates that a quorum be present for the organizational meeting
to be held. Mr. Eich reported that 32 of the 34 taxing bodies (municipalities and
school districts) that comprise the Tax Collection District had appointed one or more
representatives to the committee. One municipality (Burnside Township) had voted
not to appoint a representative. One municipality (Unionville Borough) was expected
to make its appointment at its October meeting. A quorum required that
representatives from at least sixteen (16) taxing bodies be present. A count indicated
that representatives of thirty‐one (31) taxing bodies were in attendance.

5.‐‐ MEETING NOTICE – Mr. Eich reported that the required meeting notice had been
published in the Centre Daily Times on September 2, 2009. The County sent letters to
municipalities and representatives beginning on September 2nd and continuing
through the month of September as additional appointments were made.

6.‐‐ The following individuals were nominated to serve as Officers of the Tax Collection
Committee for Centre County:
CHAIRPERSON: Randy Brown – State College Area School District
VICE‐CHAIRPERSON: Kenneth Bean, Jr. – Bellefonte Area School District
William MacMath – Spring Township
SECRETARY: Tom Fountaine ‐ State College Borough
Mr. Brown and Mr. Fountaine were elected unanimously. An election was conducted
for the Vice‐Chair position using the Act 32 mandated formula provided by DCED. Mr.
Bean received 54.05% of the votes, and Mr. MacMath received 45.55% of the votes.
Three municipalities with 0.40% of votes were not present. Mr. Bean was elected Vice
Chairperson. A spreadsheet showing the results of the roll call vote for the election of
Vice‐Chair is attached to the minutes on file.

7.‐‐ MR. EICH TRANSFERRED conduct of the meeting at 7:16 PM to the newly elected
Chairperson – Randy Brown. A notebook containing the meeting agenda, contact
information for each of the delegates, and the Resolutions, letters and e‐mails sent to
the County by the municipalities and school districts designating their
representative(s) was presented to Mr. Brown by Mr. Eich.

8.‐‐ BRIAN MARSHALL from Miller, Kistler & Campbell provided an overview on Act 32 at
this time.

9. ‐‐ RANDY BROWN opened the meeting up for discussion. Items such as Bylaws,
and future meetings of the Tax Collection District were discussed. The next meeting
of the Tax Collection District Committee will be hosted by the Bellefonte Area School
District on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 7:00 PM with the specific location to be

10.‐‐ The Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM