January 2019

State College Area High School

PTSO Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2019


Attending: Eugene Ruocchio, Diane Kesidis, Heidi Petruzzi, Laurel Zydney, Shelly Ishler, Ann Limegrover, Lisa Kopp, Meg Relkin, Megan McDaniel, Curtis Johnson


Megan McDaniel called the meeting to order at 7:04pm


Minutes from Last Meeting- corrections made to Lauren Sydney to Zydney, Megan Relkin was added to attendance list, and Next Meeting date corrected to January 8, 2019 from listed 2018. Megan McDaniel motioned for approval of corrected minutes, Lisa Kopp seconded motion. Corrected minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report- Lisa Kopp Current balance with Paypal and checking account 9174.37.
It was noted that “big push” for contributions was in the fall, however there does continue to be donations through PAYPAL (one-time and recurring donations). PAYPAL does assess fees but noted gain in donations worth the cost.


Old Business-

Curriculum Night is Wednesday, January 18th. PTSO agreed to provide cookies and drink. It was presented best option would be mini chocolate chip cookies from Wegman’s (approximately 60 cookies for $5.50). The group felt water would be fine and most cost-effective. Ann Limegrover will provide cups and napkins from previous PTSO sponsored events. The PTSO will plan for approximately 600 attendees which will include next fall’s new 9th grade class.


One State Gala is Saturday, January 19th. The PTSO has agreed to provide candy for favors.A sign-up Genius will go out asking for donations by the end of the week. The list of candy requested from last year was reviewed and the group agreed to keep the same count. Bags of candy will be made up in advance for staff to “grab-n-go” along with extra individual candy displayed  to take. Approximately 90-100  people will attend.


New Business-

The PTSO received a thank you note from One State for our help with their breakfast last year. They are asking again for help with another breakfast either in February or March. Eugene Ruocchio will present the group with several dates and let the PTSO on which specific date was selected.


The Nurses’ Office sent a thank you note for funds to purchase new clothing items. The money to purchase clothing, $100, was received in the form of a mini-grant that was issued by the PTSO spring of 2018.


Curtis Johnson, after the December PTSO meeting, presented the need for feminine hygiene products within the school such as machines in the restrooms and the nurses’ office. The school nurse previously had a grant to purchase these supplies but the grant has now run out. The PTSO was asked to help with this need and the group all agreed to purchase supplies. Lisa Kopp has ordered the supplies through Amazon to be delivered to the school. The District is currently looking to possibly purchase machines for the schools which would provide hygiene product at no charge. More information to come as final decisions are made.


Mini-Grant forms are on-line. Currently, the forms should be printed out, completed and turned in as a hard copy. Electronic submission is being worked on.


PTSO 501c3 status is being considered to be brought in under the “umbrella” of the current Foundation’s 501c3 status. This would include other booster club organizations in the district along with this PTSO.Until information is updated, the group agreed to table our application for 501c3. If the Foundation is not willing to include our PTSO then we will continue with the application process.


The high school again has requested tissue donations. A plea was sent with this meeting’s email reminder. A tissue table will be set up during the upcoming Curriculum Night. If donations are lacking, the PTSO will purchase the needed tissues.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:57pm


Next Meeting February 5, 2019