March 2019

State College Area High School

PTSO Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2019


Attending: Heidi Petruzzi, Ann Limegrover, Megan McDaniel, Joseph Messner, Matt Quinn, Eugene Ruocchio, Lisa Kopp


Megan McDaniel (President) called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. 


Minutes from the February 5, 2019 were reviewed and approved.


Treasurer’s Report- Lisa Kopp (Treasurer) As of March 12, 2019 the current bank balance is $3836.18. The current PayPal Account is $4912.38. Deposits for this month include $60 from PayPal. Expenses noted are Curriculum Night costs 124.43, Jack Lyke mini-grant $220.00 (lettuce seeds), and online tissue order $250.00.

Current budget was reviewed and approved.


Old Business- The group in attendance once again reviewed the State High Technology Student Association (TSA) mini-grant and decided on an amount of $500, which is approximately the cost to sponsor one student in-need but will be used to help offset transportation costs.. Greg Wilson, faculty advisor, will be notified of the decision and will be given a check for the $500 approved.


One State Gala is planned for Friday, April 5, 2019 at 7pm, Days Inn, State College. A final number will be provided in a few days for favors which the PTSO will provide along with the “candy bar”.


New Business-Teacher/Staff Appreciation Breakfast will occur on March 19, 2019. A Sign Up Genius will go live later this week asking for donations and volunteers.


Mini-Grant Applications-


 Matt Quinn and Joseph Messner from the IT Entrepreneurship class presented an overview of their R3 chicken dinner event. It is the group’s annual fundraiser originally started to help an injured State College High School student. Since then, the fundraiser has raised money going toward the general activities fund and other  State High clubs. This year the group is looking to support the upcoming STAR Army program along with the general activities fund. Distribution of the funds raised is at the discretion of the PTSO these were just suggestions. The IT Class is asking for sponsorship from the PTSO.  All money transactions will go through the PTSO allowing the class to hold this fundraiser. All PTSO members present agreed to sponsor the R3 Chicken Dinner Fundraiser which would include PTSO named on tickets and marketing announcements.

Patrick Osborne, grade 12, submitted a request for $160 to fund his project “Reacher Grabber Cane”. This project is for his Tech Research & Design class which asked to create a new product to benefit the community. Once developed, the cane may benefit many, but presently the number of students directly benefiting from the mini grant request is noted as one, Patrick. For this reason the PTSO voted not to approved Patrick’s mini grant request.


Sage Castro (Thespians) submitted a mini grant application for $500. The money requested would go toward outfitting the new school auditorium and theatre shop. The $500 would be used to purchase quality tools, table saw and other items that would be used year after year. This request would benefit the State High theater program as well as audiences attending their events. The PTSO voted to approve this request.


Mr. Kissell and Mr. Johnson along with several students from the Yearbook Club submitted a mini grant application requesting $700 to purchase yearbooks. The $700 would go toward the total $2800 projected budget to purchase yearbooks for 70 economically disadvantaged Senior students. It was noted that every senior at State High School should be given the opportunity to  get a yearbook regardless of their financial situation. The PTSO voted to approve this request.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:56pm


Next Meeting April 2, 2019 at 7pm