April 2019

State College Area High School PTSO Meeting Minutes April 2, 2019 

Attending: Meg Relkin, CidLI Cornelio, Rina Kumar, Lisa Kopp, Nilam Ram, Megan McDaniel, Ann Limegrover, Curtis Johnson 

Megan McDaniel (President) call to order 7:03pm. 

Minutes from March 12, 2019 were reviewed and approved. 

Treasurer’s Report- Lisa Kopp (Treasurer) As of April 2, 2019 the current bank balance is $3,536.18. The current PayPal account is $4,916.93.Deposits for this month include ac $5.00 PayPal donation and a $200 check. Expenses noted for this month include Minigrant Thespians ($500), Minigrant Technology Students Association ($500) and Minigrant Supply Yearbooks ($700). Current budget was reviewed and approved. 

Old Business

R3 Chicken Dinner tickets sales will continue through April 9th. Current ticket sales approximately 100. 

The One Gala is scheduled for April 5th. Final numbers will be provided soon. The Teacher/Staff Breakfast was a success. 2 Runners from car to school were again provided along with Helpers present at 7:30am. Several food item amounts were decreased (juice and cream cheese) which worked out well. 

New Business

A decision still needs to be made where funds from R3 chicken dinner will be distributed. By May meeting final numbers will be available. It was suggested monies be given to the SCASD Student Activities Support Fund. 

Initially funds from the R3 chicken dinner fundraiser were asked to go toward “STAR”, a new club being formed at the high school. Chris Pechtold, educator, will be the advisor and submitted an explanation of this group. The club will be hosted during normal class time with participation from the local Army representatives. It is not a recruiting tool but rather an outreach program that support students developing soft skills, decision-making skills, time management and other essential life skills needed in high school and beyond. There is currently no need for funding at this time. 

Megan McDaniel received word from Randy Brown and Donna Watson that there will not be a single organizational group created for 501c3 status. Each PTSO, club and sports team will be required to maintain individual status. The State College Area High School PTSO will move forward to apply for 501c3 status. 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:24pm